3 updates that will improve how you manage gym members

Carrying out your gym’s rules is never fun — especially when it means turning someone away because they didn’t sign a waiver or buy the right membership. Luckily, enforcing membership rules is painless with Contract and Waiver Enforcement, Location Access and Daily Reservation Access.


1. Collect waivers and contracts seamlessly

Ensure every client turns in the paperwork you need. When activated, Contract and Waiver Enforcement prevents members from signing in to class if either file is missing from their account.

Contract and Waiver Enforcement are extensions of Wodify Core’s Membership Enforcement feature. Enabling them are optional, but we encourage you to read our help article to learn how to get started.

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2. Multiple gyms, multiple membership options  

Are you managing memberships across several locations?  Now you can now create memberships specific to each facility using our Location Access feature.

That means if memberships provide access to one location — or a group of locations — Wodify Core lets you enforce those rules, as long as you’ve activated Membership Enforcement.

3. Never coach an empty class

Some members hit multiple workouts in one day. But reserving more classes than they attend can result in other members missing the workout.

That’s why we’ve created a Daily Reservation Limit — a new feature that lets you cap the number of reservations members can have in one day. It also prevents people from scheduling classes they might miss, ensuring your gym is always full.

Membership management made easy

Contract and Waiver Enforcement, Location Access and Daily Reservation Access will improve how you manage gym members. Start using them today and gain more control over how clients book and sign in to classes.  

Interested in learning more about this week’s release? Check out our release notes for a complete list of product updates, bug fixes and more!  

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