4 tips to retain New Year’s resolutioners this spring

Four marketing tips for keeping resolutioners engaged all year

Even if there were no New Year’s Resolutions, and even if losing weight wasn’t the most common resolution every single year, many people come out of the holidays feeling heavy, restless, and ready for change.

So people flood the gym when the New Year turns over, working themselves ragged at every gym and CrossFit box in the country, but within a month or two that enthusiasm diminishes. Like clockwork, when springtime rolls around, the newbies disappear and the old regulars make their way back.

It makes for an exciting month, but how do gym owners keep all those new customers in their buildings even after the New Year’s resolutions have worn off? Here are a few marketing tips from Wodify:

#1 Offer support

Rather than allowing grizzled gym veterans to be annoyed by the influx of new fitness enthusiasts, they should be encouraged to offer them the support the new folks need, especially when it comes to trying out new machines and taking part in activities they do not yet understand. If new members feel meager and out of place at a gym, they’ll quit, but if they feel supported there is a much better chance they will stick around for the long haul.

#2 Build community

That will help them feel like part of a community, but this idea extends well beyond what actually happens in the gym. Using the Wodify app that works in conjunction with Wodify software, gym members can check their progress on the weekly leaderboard and receive competition and encouragement from other people at the gym. It makes things so much more fun and so much more social.

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#3 Keep things fresh

Help your new gym members understand that there always are new activities for them to try, and in fact you can focus on that more explicitly by offering something new each month or even each quarter. This may even help retain your long-term customers, too. They don’t want to get bored by the same-ol’/same-ol’ either.

#4 Provide long-term perks

Many, many gyms bend over backwards to offer all of their best promotional deals at the end of December and into early January, which is great for getting people through the door, but what happens when those promotional rates expire when spring rolls around?

Is it the best idea to raise prices when customers’ motivation to exercise already is waning? Some may see those two things in conjunction as more than enough reason to quit, but if you can throw in some perks and rewards that continue to make the value seem worthwhile, there’s a much better chance they’ll stick around for the long-haul.

In a perfect world, gym owners would see that influx of new customers in January and then would enjoy that increased business for the rest of the year. That’s not impossible, but it does require a few marketing tactics that should help keep those frustrated New Year’s resolution folks maintain their motivation and stick with you all year long.

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