5 ways to incorporate heart rate training into CrossFit classes

Our Wodify Guest Blog Series is part of our initiative to collaborate with the global fitness community that uses Wodify, so they may share their experience, news, and advice.

Guest author Emily Sopo is a Master Trainer at Myzone as well as a certified group fitness instructor.

In this video, Emily talks about five ways CrossFit coaches and athletes can make the most out of Wodify Pulse real-time heart rate training to reach their peak performance.

Some highlights include:

  • Monitoring your heart’s efficiency by performing a one-minute recovery test.
  • Preventing overtraining by using Wodify Pulse on active recovery days too.
  • Staying confident by measuring effort, not speed or strength.

CrossFit Athletes:
If your gym doesn’t have Wodify Pulse, ask your owner to get it!

Visit wodifypulse.com to learn more.

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