A look back at February’s top CrossFit news

A look back at February’s top CrossFit news

February was a huge month for CrossFit — especially with the kick off of the 2018 CrossFit Open — but that’s not all that went down this month. The following are ten of the biggest, most interesting news stories in CrossFit this past month:

How to watch the 2018 CrossFit Games

For those interested in watching the 2018 CrossFit Games this year, CBS Sports offers this viewing guide to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite athletes or any of your favorite events.

Bilateral amputee training for CrossFit Games

Need some inspiration? A woman named Amber Lester, who lost her legs in a car accident, is now training for the CrossFit Games.

Ten women explain how they lost weight doing CrossFit

Now that we’re in February, it’s easy to let those New Year’s resolutions slip away. But this Women’s Health Magazine article focuses on ten women who didn’t do that, instead using CrossFit to get into fantastic shape.

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Why police are training with CrossFit

Every cop joke in the world seems to involve donuts somehow, but police forces all over the country are bucking that stereotype by getting into great shape with a variety of high-intensity CrossFit programs.

Five CrossFit moves delivering big results

If you new to CrossFit, this article looks at five of the sport’s most effective movements. Check it out!

Pennsylvania CrossFit gym honors fallen U.S. Marshal

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill was killed in Harrisburg, PA last month, and one local CrossFit box put together a WOD in honor of him. It may seem like a small honor,, but this article shows just how much the community rallied to pay tribute to him.

Kentucky CrossFit gym raises money to help baby battling cancer

In no context is suffering from cancer an easy thing, but it’s especially hard when the sufferer is just an innocent baby. One CrossFit box in Bowling Green, KY wanted to help the baby’s family, so they held a fundraiser to assist with the medical fees the family is incurring.

One competitive cyclist trains for races… without a bike

There are a lot of ways that professional athletes can train, but cyclist Selene Yaeger wrote this article explaining how just 30 days of CrossFit helped put her in the best shape of her professional life and improved her cycling.

Teacher uses CrossFit in the classroom

There’s teaching CrossFit, and then there’s teaching with CrossFit, and P.E. teacher Pete Driscoll or Hartland, VT is trying to do a little bit of both at the elementary school where he teaches, helping kids get in better shape by showing them the basics of CrossFit.

What we can learn from Icelandic CrossFit athletes

This article from Red Bull profiles a handful of professional CrossFit athletes from Iceland with a focus on taking away some of their secrets of fitness so we can apply them to our own lives.

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