BOTM: Three Kings CrossFit

Three Kings CrossFit in Indiana has an awesome group of coaches and athletes. For June’s Box of the Month, we sat down with their Owner Bryn Jafri to discuss his passion for CrossFit and how Wodify encourages athletes to push themselves during every workout.

W: When did you get into CrossFit?  Why?

TKC: I started in 2005. The exercise physiologist at my military base had asked me to test CrossFit to see if it was something that we could implement in training our special forces.

W: How many coaches do you have?

TKC: We have 12 coaches at our Three Kings Noblesville location and 5 coaches at our Three Kings Carmel location.

W: Why did you open Three Kings CrossFit?

TKC: I wanted to take CrossFit out of the conventional gym setting and build a facility from the ground up.

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W: What do you enjoy about being an owner?  A coach?

TKC: I enjoy helping people reach their goals and pushing them to better themselves to reach their full athletic potential.

W: Can you share a success story about one of your athletes?

TKC: There are so many success stories that come out of training at Three Kings. I don’t think I can pick just one. Each of our athletes walk in the door with different goals and different obstacles that they need to overcome and it is so satisfying to see each person reach their goals!

W: What makes Three Kings CrossFit different that other boxes?

TKC: Our energy level of not only our coaches but also our athletes make Three Kings what it is.

W: What made you decide to implement Wodify?

TKC: My business associate at the Three Kings Carmel location came to me with the idea of switching from Front Desk to Wodify.

W: Were you using any other management system, software or pen and paper, before beginning to use Wodify?

TKC: We used Front Desk.

W: How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches?

TKC: It was an easy transition to make and our athletes really enjoy being able to enter their scores and see the Whiteboard throughout the day.

W: How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results?

TKC: We just stress how important it is to keep track of strength and workouts and have everyone log their numbers at the end of class.

W: Did you notice changes in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify?

TKC: Wodify’s Whiteboard definitely pushes our athletes to better themselves through the WOD.

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your box?

TKC: It has helped our athletes track their progress.

W: Is there any way you feel you use Wodify that is unique to your gym?

TKC: We do a lot of different programming for individual athletes and the classes we run.

W: Anything new and exciting going on at Three Kings CrossFit you want to share?

TKC: We currently are building a new facility that is set to open in the Fall of 2017!

Thanks for reading about Three Kings CrossFit! 

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