Box of the month: Crossfit Cervus

Duke and Melonie Perino own CrossFit Cervus, a 70-athlete box in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Hainesport, New Jersey. The 18-month old box attracts athletes from all age groups and walks of life, including WNPF powerlifting champion and fitness model Bernai Brown-Holman.

The Perinos longed to be entrepreneurs and decided to open their own box after Duke found his passion training soldiers in Afghanistan, where he was working as an IT consultant. He discovered a gift for coaching athletes and knew that he could help the people in his community feel and look better, so he obtained his Level 1 Certification last year.

WHow did you become involved with CrossFit?D: I tried many other types of programs but have found that CrossFit gave me the results I wanted in the least amount of time. I’m a natural teacher so becoming a coach was an easy decision for me.

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WTell me a little about the background of CrossFit Cervus?D: We believe the results you get from CrossFit are power, speed and grace. When we were coming up with the name for our gym we were thinking of animals that fit that description. A deer immediately came to mind. “Cervus” is deer or stag in latin. We opened our doors on June 1st, 2015 and we are loving every minute of owning a gym. Our strength as a coaching staff is focusing on technique, form, and breaking down complex movements into smaller movements so athletes can really master the lift.

WHow has Wodify changed your Community?D: Wodify has helped  solidify our community. Unexpectedly, using Wodify has created healthy, inter-gym competition.  Thanks to Wodify’s Whiteboard, athletes who come to the 5AM class all the time and athletes that come to the the 5 PM class regularly know each other without ever having met in person. It’s really great.

WHow did Wodify help you? Your athletes?D: We signed up with Wodify in Spring 2015 and Wodify has been extremely helpful with running our business. We don’t have to chase down payments from our athletes and our business runs smoothly even if we do not log in to check on the business every day. When writing programming I will normally put athletes through a cycle and we will test them at the beginning and then at the end and Wodify tracks their growth throughout the entire process. At the end of the cycle when we retest athletes, they see their progress in Wodify and it gives them instant gratification for their hard work. I joke it is like a receipt or proof of purchase. Athletes love being able to track their own progress and it pushes them to be an even better version of themselves.


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