Coaches Corner: Acquisition & Retention

Acquiring and retaining members is what keeps a successful CrossFit gym alive. We reached out to some expert fitness professionals in the Wodify community to get their #1 tip on how they acquire & retain new members. Surprisingly, their insight has nothing to do with CrossFit or exercise or motivational speeches. Instead, their messages all boil down to being prepared and being transparent.

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Create a Client Lifecycle

Noah Kinner, Founder - Urban Fitness Oakland | Oakland, CA

“That’s my number one tip for getting people to stick with my gym. I work hard with my team to create a clear, measurable (and therefore repeatable) process to make sure every single potential member is experiencing Urban Fitness Oakland the way I intended when I dreamed up the business in the first place.

Creating a Client Lifecycle means understanding and measuring the different stages a client will go through, as well as knowing what their objectives are and who owns the experience at each stage. Having these answers ahead of time improves my chances of converting leads into members and getting those members to stick around.”

Be Real and Be Who You Are

Ben Roberts, Site Director - CrossFit Sua Sponte | Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina.

“That’s my number one tip for getting clients to try our CrossFit gym. I am 100% confident in my product, my coaches, our members and myself to ensure that every prospect has a ‘WOW' experience when they walk into CrossFit Sua Sponte.

We all know good nutrition and exercise work, but you have to do that at a place that accepts you where you're at, encourages you along the way, and knows you care. I make sure I know every member’s name and at least 3 things about them; not because I have to, but because I want to. That’s how I get them to stay.”


While their philosophies may be slightly different, the focus on the customer is the same. You can have all the fancy equipment and amenities you want in your gym, but if you haven’t done your homework and you stop paying attention to your members’ needs, those extras won’t matter.

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