Communicating Directly with your Athletes Competing in the Open

Wodify recently released Segments, which allows admins to segment their athletes and leads into groups based on a variety of different search criteria.

In conjunction with the Segments feature, Wodify also released Conversations, which provides Admins a two-way communication channel that utilizes Segments for a more direct means of targeting your athletes.

These two new features can be leveraged for things like promotions and retention, which improves your ability to initiate and maintain open communication with athletes and leads.

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Building Segments

Using the 2017 CrossFit Open as an example, I will walk you through how to build a Segment using athlete tags for those that are signed up for the Open.

First, you will need to tag the athletes that are signed up for the Open

  • Click ‘People’ > ‘Athletes’
  • Start on the first page and check off the box next to each athlete who is doing the Open
  • Click ‘Bulk Actions’ > ‘Add User Tags’
  • Enter ‘Open17’ as the tag > click ‘Enter’
  • Repeat this process for each page in your athlete list until every athlete doing the open has the tag ‘Open17’

Next, you will need to create a Segment
  • Click ‘People’ > ‘Segments’
  • Notice that there are bootstrapped Segments already available: all Active Athletes, all Inactive Athletes, All Leads
  • Click ‘+ New Segment’
  • Name the Segment ‘Open 2017’

  • Click ‘Rules Engine’
  • In the ‘People’ section, select ‘Just the Athletes’
  • Click ‘+ Add This Rule’

  • In the ‘Demographic’ section, select ‘Has Tag’
  • Type ‘Open17’ in the ‘Add’ field
  • Click ‘+ Add This Rule’

Now that the Open 2017 Segment is built, you can start a Conversation with your Open athletes.
  • Click ‘Communication’ > ‘Conversations’
  • Click ‘+ New Email’ at the top right of the screen

*Note- The ‘Send As’ settings allow you to choose to send from the email associated with the gym, with or without replies enabled. Or you can choose to send as yourself, with replies enabled.

  • For this email, I am selecting to send as myself, which will allow for replies.

  • Next, I will begin typing the name of the Segment I just created by clicking ‘Choose Segments' and starting to type Open 2017.
  • Select the segment once it shows up underneath the text field

Now, we can begin preparing our email. Enter the subject and body of the email and then choose whether to ‘Send Now’ or ‘Schedule’ to send at a later date.

Once you’ve sent this email out to the Open 2017 Segment, you will be able to hold follow up conversations with these athletes by going to ‘Communication’ > ‘Conversations’

This new feature provides flexibility in reaching out to targeted groups of athletes, and to continue to the conversation seamlessly past the first point of contact.

Please feel free to reach out to our support staff if you have any questions regarding the features we’ve covered in this article, or any other questions you may have about Wodify!

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