Crossfit 5150

We are super excited to announce our January Box of the Month, CrossFit 5150! When we go out to the CrossFit Games we always try to drop in at some of our Wodify boxes on the West Coast. Charles and Chris, owners of CrossFit 5150, were amazing and welcomed our team in to squeeze our workouts in between manning the Wodify booth. They have been around since 2009 with CrossFit Level One coaching and affiliated in 2012, as CrossFit 5150. To get started Charles and Chris started subleasing a space in the back of a regular gym and quickly outgrew the space (great problem to have) and moved to their current 2k space. In February they are expanding again, adding another 1500 square feet. Charles was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about his experience with Wodify to date. Check what he had to say:

  • What made you decide to implement Wodify? We wanted a more organized, tech-savvy tracking system that was fully integrated into our business. With tracking in the gym, right after the WOD, it allowed us to ensure all athlete info is captured.
  • How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches? It was overwhelmingly positive. We had an integration plan to phase it in over two weeks, but it went so smoothly we were running all athletes and tracking through Wodify by the end of the second day. Our athletes and coaches love it – we have a very tech-savy group – they love Wodify and use it inside and outside the box. Wodify is one of the things that sets our box apart from many others, it is a value added service that our athletes appreciate having as a part of their membership.
  • How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results? We beat them. Honest. (Ok we made them do burpees as a motivational consequence of not entering scores.) Our policy is that all scores must be entered in the box at the end of each workout. Coaches enforce this policy.
  • What would you say to people who thought technology does not belong in a box? To be honest, they are stupid. First of all, technology is already in the box. People sign up online, people use the website to look up the WODs, post successes on Facebook and pictures on Instagram. If they are not using technology then they are doing a disservice to their athletes by not providing them with all the tools for success. Having Wodify is nothing but positive – it doesn’t take anything away from the CrossFit experience – it adds to it and makes it better, more effective and allows athletes and coaches to use technology so they can focus on what is important – the WOD.
  • How has Wodify changed your box? Really nothing has changed, while at the same time everything has changed. The transition to Wodify has been so smooth that it really felt like we just moved our whiteboards to computer screens. We track on the big screens, people like having the digital whiteboard so they can check it at the end of the day on their mobile device or computer and they like seeing clearly who did the WOD RX and the fact that they are placed above those who didn’t. Our athletes are competitive, like most CrossFitters, so they like the big ranking numbers. It really has been a seamless addition that has only made things better. It also creates a fun “water cooler” effect at the end of each class when everyone is around Wodify entering their scores and discussing the WOD.
  • How has Wodify changed you personal day to day? From a back end perspective it makes it easier to program and follow clients progression and successes. It makes it more fun in the box on a regular basis. The integration with Facebook and our website is also clean and seamless and eliminates extra work for us and helps create daily movement to our website and activity on our Facebook page.
  • Do you see you see your athletes pushing harder? Striving to Rx more often? Making gains more often? Yes. The feature that puts the RX athletes at the top before non-RX is one of the highlights of the system. This makes it clear that RX is the goal and really helps motivate athletes to push themselves and also rewards those who do RX by putting their ranking at the top, as it should be.
  • Do you have a favorite feature? If so what? It is not so much one feature but how all the features work together to give us the tech-tools to build a better athlete. Each Wodify feature helps our Box create stronger, healthier athletes. From the Gold Star PRs to Athletes being able to check the Whiteboard at the end of the day – we are regularly getting input from our members how thankful they are that we have chosen to implement Wodify at CF5150. We really like the weight lifting tracking and figuring out of the percentages – this is an awesome tool and the Gold Stars for PRs are always a reminder to our athletes to ring the PR Bell – always a plus! At CrossFit 5150 we have a great box, committed members, awesome trainers and an amazing community – now we finally have the integrated software to support what we do and take us and our athletes to even greater successes. Wodify is one of the best business decisions we’ve and we know it helps our business succeed and our Athletes PR.
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