Crossfit Dark Element

It’s time to announce Wodify’s Box of the Month for March! This month, we’re shining the spotlight on CrossFit Dark Element, located in Stockton, California. CrossFit Dark Element is owned by Jose Tienda (J.T.) and serves 80 CrossFitters ranging from beginners to competitive-class athletes. J.T. had two missions when opening his box — to help CrossFit athletes at all levels optimize their performance, and ensure that they’re having fun while doing it. By our count, he has succeeded on both fronts, creating a place where good times and hard work collide head on.

It’s this attitude that has made CrossFit Dark Element our March Box of the Month. We reached out to J.T. because we wanted to hear a little bit more about his box and how Wodify has helped him make CrossFit Dark Element a great place to work out. Read on for his answers below:

1. Can you please share a little background on yourself and CrossFit Dark Element. Funny story about my box opening — I had been previously coaching out of a local box and the night before my birthday, I had a dream about owning one. So I hopped out of bed, found a building the next afternoon, and started up. We are a 3,200-square-foot facility with an average of 75-100 clients. This has always been my dream, and I’m passionate about the fitness industry. I will be graduating in May 2014 with my bachelor’s degree in athletic training and then I’ll sit for the Board of Certification test. I also plan to earn my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification. Looking forward, I want to move our box to a 12,000-square-foot facility by 2015 and open a rehab and treatment room along side my CrossFit box. We are also putting together a concussion awareness group for young athletes in partnership with the local radio station and Oakland Raiders to teach young people about the dangers of incorrect technique and head injuries. We are very proud of the direction that our box is heading.

2. Were you using any other management system at your box before beginning to use Wodify? Before Wodify, I was using a receipt book — which was HELL! We love using Wodify’s software now.

3. What made you decide to implement Wodify? I needed a program that could help my athletes interact with their coaches at all times and also help me keep track of their performance and attendance. That’s the reason they come to us for results :-). Wodify gives me that edge over other area boxes.

4. What was the onboarding and installation process like? The equipment got here fast and the Wodify team is fantastic. We’re so impressed with the top-notch customer service.

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5. How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches? Like a brand new toy! I love seeing the profile pictures of our athletes and comments left on the whiteboard.

6. How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results? I like to remind them that the more they invest in their overall experience at our facility, the more they get out of it. That is why we provide Wodify. I want them to know that they are improving and their numbers do matter.

7. Did you notice changes in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify? Yes, especially the third time around on some of the girl WODs. But everyone loves seeing that PR ribbon.

8. What would you say to people who thought technology does not belong in a box? Ummmm really?

9. How has Wodify changed your box? Wodify has made everyone’s life so much better — from coaches (who can track sign-ins and athletes’ performances), to admins (who have insight into attendance and a much easier billing process), and athletes (who can see their performance over time and get feedback on their nutrition results).

10. How has Wodify changed your personal day to day? Wodify lets me keep an eye on my box no matter where I am. With my hectic schedule, it gives me peace of mind that I can check in at any time and see class performance and attendance.

11. Do you have a favorite feature? My favorite feature is creating a WOD right in the app. I feel like a mad scientist! It makes it so easy to build weekly programs.

12. Any additional comments you would like to share? I appreciate that Wodify is continually asking box owners what we need. I feel that hand-in-hand, we can make our Wodify community a great one.

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