Crossfit South Boise

We are pleased to announce CrossFit South Boise as Wodify’s Box of the Month. Owners Jared Henderson and Josh Kneer teamed up to open the gym together after being deployed in the Reserves and completing their CrossFit Level 1 Certification. They opened about 6 months ago growing from just two athletes to close to one hundred and twenty five athletes. Equally impressive, Jared builds their rigs and welds a lot of their equipment. Jared and Josh are focused on building a gym where everyone is kind, everyone loves fitness, and everyone loves their coaches. They add their own flare to the programming at South Boise by putting a military twist on the workout. After learning more about the box I had the opportunity to chat with Jared about how Wodify has helped him run his business and work on building great relationships with his athletes. Check out his responses below:

What made you decide to implement Wodify? I have looked at every software on the market. I used to use a competing product and they had the worst customer service on the planet. Their program was never improved and it did not help me run my business. After comparing other products on the market we knew Wodify was the solution for us.

How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches? Our clients love it; it makes everything more streamlined.

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How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results? (Laughing) I make everyone that walks in check in. There is no choice. I am polite about it but I don’t really give anyone the option. No one minded, they all love it.

What would you say to people who thought technology does not belong in a box? I used to think that technology does not belong in a box, but soon realized thinking that way will only hurt you and your business in the end. Tracking your clients’ performance, managing your books, and using reports to do business projections is part of running a gym. Wodify speeds this process up and makes it easier. My reporting is always accurate since data is available in real time. If you don’t use Wodify you will lose money and clients.

How has Wodify changed your box? It’s helping to build the box and more importantly the community. It adds value for my athletes and the app keeps them connected even outside the box. Between signing in for classes and recording results, Wodify is always a part of our athletes day to day and they are more motivated to achieve personal goals.

How has Wodify changed your personal day to day? It has allowed me and my bookkeeper to be on top of things and work faster. In turn, I have more time for coaching. Coaching is what I do, not bookkeeping.

Do you see your athletes pushing harder? Striving to Rx more often? Making gains more often? I can tell they are tracking performance now. I have picked up over 47 new clients in 50 days so its a lot of new people. Wodify helps them get the CrossFit bug… they can see what they did and where they are going.

Do you have a favorite feature? If so what? I love how I can generate so many reports. I can see my clients who have not paid, expiring credit cards, and clients not enrolled on a member plan. This is stuff I had to do line by line with competitive products. It burnt a lot of time. With Wodify I click and BAM I have information in front of me. No more having to build spreadsheets for them to only be out-dated in 2 days.

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