CrossFit’s Top News from October

From the perfect CrossFit diet to inspirational fitness stories, check out our picks for CrossFit’s top news.

CrossFit sensation Brooke Wells balancing school and competition

Brooke Wells, the 14th “Fittest Woman on Earth” in CrossFit, is set to graduate from the University of Missouri this spring. In a recent profile, she talks about balancing her education and quest for dominance as a CrossFit athlete.

Ten-year-old Brooklynn Sittner can out CrossFit you

This profile on ten-year-old Brooklynn Sittner shows that you’re never too young to start CrossFit. Despite being so young, Sittner’s elite level of fitness inspires people of all ages, shapes and sizes to give it a try.

CrossFit Santa Barbara raises money for child homelessness

CrossFit Santa Barbara in California recently hosted a fundraiser for kettlebells4kids, a nonprofit organization meant to bring attention to child homelessness throughout the country. CrossFit boxes all over the country put on great fundraisers like this, proving that this culture is about more than just physical fitness.

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Olympic swimmer Cameron van der Burgh talks CrossFit benefits

South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh, two-time Olympic medalist and former world-record holder in 100m breaststroke, talks about how CrossFit helped him stay in Olympic shape.

Wonder Woman actress discusses CrossFit diet

Brooke Ence, a former professional dancer who earned the role of an Amazon Warrior in the forthcoming “Justice League” film, talks about the diet that helped her stay in shape after taking a break from her CrossFit routine.

You don't need arms or legs for CrossFit

Lindsay Hilton was born without forearms or the lower parts of her legs, but that hasn’t stopped her from participating in CrossFit competitions. It proves that CrossFit workouts can be adapted for anyone!

USA 2017 CrossFit Invitational Team gets new coach

Adam Neiffer, a long-time CrossFit competitor in the Affiliate Cup, has been added to the coaching staff for the USA 2017 Invitational Team. His experience and expertise should serve as an asset to a team that expects big things in the year to come.

CrossFit helps woman lose 70 lbs.

Any sort of consistent CrossFit routine is going to improve health. In this Newsday article, a social worker named Cyndee Dunn shares how CrossFit helped her lose 70 lbs.

Viral video of mother doing CrossFit workout with six-month-old baby

If you’ve spent time in a CrossFit box, you know that cameos by kids are nothing new. But one Fox News story highlighted a viral video of a mom getting through her normal CrossFit workout with her adorable six-month-old baby.

CrossFit athlete takes marriage proposal to the gym

Another feel-good article from last month focuses on Chaz Zenga and Dana Kirkland —  a couple who got engaged at their local CrossFit gym. It turns out the right CrossFit community can bring true love as well as true fitness!

Thanks for reading this post! Stay tuned to our blog for next month’s roundup of top CrossFit news!

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