Event Recap: The NCFIT Collective Summit

Passion — That’s the word to describe what the NCFIT Collective Summit was all about. 

Everyone gathered at the inaugural NCFIT Collective Summit, from NCFIT founder and host Jason Khalipa, to his hard-working staff, to the 50+ attendees representing over 30 gyms from across the country, was practically glowing with passion at the prospect of improving their lives, their businesses, and the experience of their members. The event did not disappoint.

The NCFIT Collective Summit took place during the weekend of October 19th - 20th, at the company’s Campbell, CA location, and was open exclusively for its member gyms who subscribe to NCFIT’s programming and session plans. (Shameless plug: Wodify users can seamlessly receive NCFIT’s daily programming directly to their account by visiting wodify.com/ncfit.) Both days were packed with presentations and Q&A sessions from Jason Khalipa as well as industry experts like mobility specialist Dr. Kelly Starrett and nutrition coach (and Wodify contributor) EC Synkowski. Restaurateur and hospitality expert Patrick Yumul was also a guest speaker, reminding the attendees about the importance of providing a one-of-a-kind experience to everyone who walks through their door.

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But the weekend wasn’t just about sitting and listening to lectures. The organizers planned outdoor activities for the group as well, including a morning ruck run, and a partner WOD that gave everyone a taste of the NCFIT in-gym experience. As advertised, the workout was well-organized and professional, with energetic coaching, loud music, and a lot of sweat. Plus, the class started and ended on time, a fact that was not lost on the 50+ participants!

One clear take-away from the weekend was that more of these events are sorely needed. Many gym owners work in a vacuum, often putting in double-digit hours per day, seven days-a-week. They seldom have the time to research new business and coaching methodologies, much less the technology and best practices that can improve their lives. The fact that so many attendees travelled to Northern California from across the country, at no small expense, shows how grateful they were for the opportunity to share experiences, and simply learn from each other during the ruck run, partner workout, and even the short breaks between sessions. 

In this interview with Morning Chalk Up, Jason summarized the intention of the Summit, and what lessons he hoped to pass along to other gym owners to help them “rise the tide” and grow their business. 

We can’t quite mimic the experience of the event in this space, but we can give you the next best thing: check out the 4-part #BuildBetter video series, hosted by Jason Khalipa, about how the NCFIT Collective can help you build better workouts, classes, and coaches. 

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