How to manage your gym in the quiet season

CrossFit gyms are packed from January through early spring. However, things start slowing down in summer and fall. No matter who you are or what you do to combat the onset of the “quiet season,” this pattern occurs like clockwork every year.

That doesn’t mean you have to passively accept seeing fewer customers. Implementing the following four strategies could encourage more check-ins at your facility, especially during the quieter summer season. Wodify Core software can be of service in doing precisely that.

1. Adapt products to the season

When business starts slowing down, one thing gym owners can do is take a look at their product and service offerings. This is a great opportunity to understand what has been selling and what may need to be replaced.

For example, you might consider selling some summer-centric products to boost merchandise sales if revenue from memberships are down slightly. Wodify Core’s state-of-the-art reporting tools can help you track these things so you can optimize your offerings throughout the year.

2. Host a creative promotion

Wodify Core’s promo codes are a great way to market your gym because they provide an incentive for working out in the summer.

You can use this feature to bring more people into your gym with specials, contests and even challenges. By hosting a creative promotion, you can keep your gym going strong all summer long.

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3. Run summer fitness challenges

Fitness challenges are a great way to keep gym members engaged. Wodify Rise can help you manage those fitness challenges. These are a great way to ramp up member engagement and build relationships during the quiet season because they push investment and hold members accountable. Use them to your advantage!

4. Plan and organize during downtime

No matter what you do, things will slow down at some point in the summer or fall. Use that downtime to your advantage by planning for the year ahead. Organize and clean your gym. Assess the quality of your staff. Make sure that if you aren’t bustling with activity that you’re using your time wisely in other ways. There’s always something to do!

Through every step of the process, Wodify gym management software can help you make the most of the quiet season, but the months don’t stay quiet for long. Things will pack back up before you know it, and you’ll want to be ready when it does!

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