Leveraging Reports: Athlete’s Last Attendance

Wodify provides a wide variety of reporting measures designed to deliver the necessary information for you to gauge the current state and make projections on the future of your business.

Athlete’s Last Attendance — Use Wodify to Attain and Retain Customers

Wodify’s reporting measures can help you gauge the state of your gym. And if retention’s an issue, Wodify can even reduce the revolving door of customers with tools like the Athletes Last Attendance Reports.

If you’re not already leveraging them, Wodify’s Athletes Last Attendance Report can optimize customer retention and strengthen your gym. Keep reading to find out how.

Reporting for Retention With Wodify

The Athletes Last Attendance report shows you how long it has been since each athlete attended a class at your gym. It also shows each class they checked into. By default, the report is sorted from most to least in the ‘Weeks Since Last Class’ column.

The information from the Athletes Last Attendance report lets you implement two retention measures - catching athletes before they’re out of the door, and locking in long term athletes with rewards.

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1. How To Catch Athletes Before Losing Them For Good

Sort this report by the ‘Weeks Since Last Class’ column, starting from the least amount of time. Once a week, go through and check for athletes that missed a week. Send those athletes individualized emails to check on their status.

From my experience —  after an athlete has missed two weeks a class without a coach checking in on them —  they’re more likely to cancel their membership at the end of the month. Contacting them before hitting the two week mark and reminding them of their goals is crucial in keeping them engaged, motivated, members at your gym.

2. Use Reports to Reward the Die Hards

Every gym has those 3-5 classes a week — every week — where coaches don’t check on the members who come to class regularly.

These are the members that talk about your gym on social media and bring their friends and family to try it out. While we may think that these members would never leave, it’s important to reward them for their dedication. Using the Athlete's Last Attendance report and sorting it by the ‘Classes Attended’ column, you can set benchmarks for your members to strive to reach, such as 500 classes.

I suggest clearing some space on a wall and starting a “500 Club” that showcases  action shots of gym members who reached their 500th class. From experience, this simple reward system has been a crucial retention practices for long time  gym members

Questions? Schedule a one-on-one phone appointment with a Wodify customer success representative. Our team is here to get you up to speed on anything and everything Wodify, including how our software can attract and retain more athletes at your gym.

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