Managing Your Gym’s Finances: An In-Depth Look at how Wodify Makes It Easy

At some point, every gym owner decided to turn their passion for fitness and coaching into a full-time business. While some are experienced with the financial side of things, others aren’t as comfortable. The good news is, regardless of your familiarity with budgets, billing, expenses, etc., Wodify Core gym management software makes it easy for every gym owner to keep track of their finances.

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The following are a few ways that Wodify Core integrates with financial software to help streamline the operations of your gym:

Financial Reporting + Insights

Wodify dashboards make it easy to access data from every angle of your business, collecting intelligent, actionable data to deepen your understanding of your gym’s finances. Wodify Insights, powered by Looker, allows gym owners to take a broad look at data and trends from their gym over time, so they can get a better sense of where money is coming in, and where it’s going out.

Wodify Core can also manage payroll and bill your clients automatically, while gyms with multiple locations can attribute money from sales to their transaction site, so owners have a better idea of where the money is coming from.

Wodify Payments

With Wodify Payments, gym owners can receive reports through their Wodify Core software showing them exactly how much money they’ve processed, how much money is being spent on merchant processing fees, and how much money is being deposited into their account.

There are a number of benefits for gym owners who use Wodify Payments. For starters, the approval process is fast, and pricing is flat and transparent with no hidden fees. Financial reports are detailed yet easy to read, and payouts usually come in just two days for credit cards and five to seven days for ACH.

Quickbooks Integration

Wodify Core easily integrates with Quickbooks to directly map your revenue categories to any charts you’ve created. This allows you to track your revenue from membership purchases all the way to your bank account. You also can reconcile bank statements electronically, monitor chargebacks, keep track of refunds, taxes, and credit card feeds—all from the same platform.

Businesses all over the world use Quickbooks to help keep track of their finances. An integration with Wodify Core creates even more flexibility and convenience for customers. Dealing with the finances might not be the most fun or exciting part of the job, but Wodify’s integrations and features make things much easier for gym owners.

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