Meet The Team — Dan McMahon

Who has two thumbs, a massive comic book collection, and a giant Ke$ha obsession?

Our Customer Success Agent Dan McMahon! Check out our interview with him for this month’s Meet the Team.


What's your favorite thing to do outside of Wodify? Do you have any weird and curious hobby? Tell us about it!

Outside of Wodify, I am actually a huge nerd. It's no secret that I am obsessed with comic books and movies. I'm a connoisseur of cheap and terrible horror movies.

What are your top 3 bucket list items?

1. Go to space, one way ticket works if need be. 2. Own an octopus or a mantis shrimp.3. Make my own beer

Any bucket list items that you knocked off your list recently?

I had always wanted to live somewhere where I have a view of water, which I have now so that got checked off pretty early in the game of life.

With unlimited money, talents, whatever - what would you like to do as a career?

I have always wanted to be a writer for the New Yorker. I would love to write satire pieces or even essays on topics that interest me.

Favorite CrossFit movement? Least favorite?

Favorite- Back SquatLeast Favorite- Planks, there is a whole lot of man to hold up. #DandoesCrossFit

What's your favorite cheat meal? Be very descriptive.

I am a man of simple pleasures. My favorite cheat meal is Taco Bell and a beer. If we are going highbrow, it would be a nice glass of whiskey and a steak cooked rare. I want it to still be mooing when it hits my plate. #Treatyoself

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Are you a crafty creative, diligent developer or neurotic number cruncher?
Guilty pleasure song?

I never feel guilty about the music I enjoy. Most would consider my love of Ke$ha as a guilty pleasure. If Ke$ha doesn't get you pumped up, I am not sure we could be friends.

TV series you are currently watching?

I have four series that I have on a constant loop. Currently, it is Scrubs but next up is Arrested Development.

Favorite place you've ever traveled, and why?

I am gonna be heavy on the cheese for this answer but Kent Island where I am from. The island is quiet and beautiful, unlike any place I have ever been. Being able to see the water from my backyard will always be my favorite spot to be.

Who is your celebrity crush?  

I wouldn't call it a crush. I am in love with Meryl Streep. Simple as that. If you have any connection, give her my #.

Favorite video game?

Loaded question... The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Favorite movie, and why?

Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi and the answer is yes, I know all of the words to the Ewok Song. #YubNub

App that you can't live without?

Probably Facebook. I am a social media diva. #Popular


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to Wodify’s blog for more interviews with our team members.

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