Meet the Team — Francisco Maltez

Francisco is a QA engineer who runs tests to make sure Wodify’s products are working correctly at all times. Although it’s pressure-filled work, he is still able to enjoy the company of his colleagues and share a game or two of FIFA 2018 in our Portugal office.

“My favorite thing about working at Wodify is that we’re constantly laughing and having fun. Although we work very hard, we help each other and make jokes, and that takes a lot of the pressure off.”

Francisco is constantly thinking outside the box and collaborating with Wodify’s developers to tackle challenges and deliver a better product in the end. It makes sense that the value he relies on the most requires keeping an open mind.

“The value that is most vital to me is, “Inspire ‘Why?’ Thinking”. It’s very important that I work in a company where people aren’t afraid to ask why, and are also encouraged to do so. This is the only way we can improve ourselves and the company, and create better ways of doing what we’re doing.”

When Francisco isn’t busy solving problems of the digital variety, this proud father and husband dreams of doing more charity work to eliminate world hunger, homelessness and the lack of quality medical care for people around the world.

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