Meet the Team — João Pedro Abreu

As a Senior Software Engineer at Wodify since April, 2016, João’s attitude perfectly encompasses what our culture is like.

“The best thing about working with my team is how we switch effortlessly between being professional and being silly. We handle some sensitive areas of our software, so we have to take our work seriously, but that doesn’t stop anyone from breaking into song spontaneously.”
João's team.

With that, he understands the challenges he faces and feels the most important value for his engineers to keep in mind is,‘Be humble and grow from failure’.

“It’s easy to think we designed and implemented something the right way and users are just not getting it, but in order to build a good product that people want to use, we have to take user feedback with humility and learn from our mistakes.”

When João isn’t behind his laptop, he’s either travelling, planning his next adventure (Japan!), or listening and dancing to African music.

Bea, João, Jon & Vanessa during culture week in the US office.

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