Meet the Team — Olivia DiGiorgio

Our Senior Business Analyst is not just a number cruncher. Olivia is also a CrossFit junkie who recently completed a workout at the famed CrossFit Mayhem gym.

“Prior to applying for the job, I used Wodify everyday as a coach and athlete - and loved the software. Now that I’m here, I hope my work makes a difference in the lives of gym owners. One great perk is the casual dress code. Another is that when my daughter’s school is closed, she comes to work with me!”
Olivia's daughter

Olivia understands the importance of prioritizing what matters most to our customers and what makes sense for our long term goals.

“Of our values, ‘Lead like a business owner’ resonates most with me. When I accepted this job, my primary focus was to help Wodify make data-driven decisions as an organization AND to enable clients who use our software to do the same. No matter how small the project, I always try to think of how I can help our business and theirs.”

Olivia is more than happy to discuss CrossFit with anyone who wants to, but sometimes we worry about her passion. According to her questionnaire, Olivia claims her favorite CrossFit move is burpee box-overs, which has to be a typo!  

Margarida, Vanessa & Olivia during culture week.

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