Meet the Team — Shanzay Ahmad

Meet Shanzay —  our resident foodie, pizza connoisseur and travel enthusiast who gives Anthony Bourdain a run for his money.  Since she’s such an invaluable member of the Wodify team, we sat down with Shanzay for this month’s Meet the Team to find out what makes her tick.

What is your role here at Wodify?

Business Analyst

Do you have a nickname in the team? Can you tell us why?

Brown Bear. Because I’m a softy.

Tell us about your academic background.

Bachelor's degree in Economics and Bachelors degree in Psychology

Where are you from originally?

New Jersey, born and bred.

When did you join the Wodify family?

September 8, 2014.

Why did you apply for the job? What were the expectations about it? Are they fulfilled?

Wodify seemed like a cool company to work for with a good culture, a good team, a vision I believed in, and a ton of opportunity.  I am so appreciative of the opportunities that I have gotten while I have been here and can honestly say I have learned more here than I would have at any other company.  The skills I have learned and different tools I have had the opportunity to work with are things that are immeasurable in my eyes.

What is your favorite thing about working at Wodify?

Endless supply of peanut butter M&Ms and the gym to work off the endless supply of peanut butter M&Ms.

What has been the most surprising thing about working here?

That I would meet so many amazing people while working here. There are so many awesome people that I have had the opportunity to work with and have made pretty badass friends along the way.

So far, what’s your biggest accomplishment in life?

Hasn't happened yet, but I will keep you updated :)

What's your favorite thing to do outside of Wodify? Do you have any weird hobbies? Tell us about it!

I really love eating.  Like really love to eat.  And because I love to eat so much, I also workout all the time.  I know this will sound like I'm a total sociopath because who actually enjoys running? But this girl does!

What are your top 3 bucket list items?
  • Run a marathon
  • Backpack through Europe and Asia
  • Eat all of the pizza the world has to offer
Any items you’ve knocked off your list recently?

I ran a half marathon.

Join our team!
Are you a crafty creative, diligent developer or neurotic number cruncher?
With unlimited money, talents, whatever - what would you like to do as a career? Be ambitious!

Get paid to travel the world to experience the culture and the different food every city in every country has to offer. Anthony Bourdain style.

Favorite CrossFit movement? Least favorite?
  • Favorite - Back Squat
  • Least Favorite - Snatch
What's your favorite cheat meal? Be very descriptive.

PIZZA. All of the pizza.  Followed closely by dark chocolate.

Guilty pleasure song?

Gangsta's Paradise

TV series you are currently watching?


Favorite place you've ever travelled, and why?

Oaxaca City Mexico.  It's a beautiful city filled with so much culture and so many kind, generous people.  And not to mention, the food is amazing.

Celebrity crush?

Ryan Reynolds

Favorite video game?

Not a video game kind of girl!

Favorite movie?


App that you can't live without?

Google Maps, I love going to new places but am probably the worst at directions. Also, Instagram because social media, yo.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to Wodify’s blog for more interviews with our team members.

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