Meet the Team — Vanessa Walker

Vanessa is not only one of Wodify’s Customer Success Agents, she’s a motorcycle-riding dynamic force of positive energy around the office.

“My favorite perk here is laughing all day with my colleagues and being encouraged to have fun. I love video chatting with customers and learning more about their business goals! Sure, sometimes I deal with unhappy clients, but I just have to remember to empathize with them and keep calm. There’s always an opportunity to listen and formulate a resolution.”

Vanessa is always looking to grow and foster her skills to benefit the team, which is why ‘Inspire “Why” thinking’ is the value that resonates with her most.  

“I think it’s important to work in an environment that is safe and allows everyone to ask “why?” Everyone should be open to asking and answering questions. It sounds simple and obvious, but that we’ve set it in stone is really essential.”

When Vanessa isn’t helping customers get more from their gyms, she’s working to cross the Top 3 items off her bucket list:
- Bike Pack the entire coast of Norway from North to South;
- Visit every inner and outer Hebrides Island in Scotland by Motorcycle;
- Convince someone to marry me and financially support me.

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