Meet the Wodify Arena team headed to the 2017 Alpha Games!

Wodify Arena is proud to sponsor three athletes in the 2017 Alpha Games: Artur Sayal, Francisco Godinho and Rodrigo Côrte-Real. The Alpha Games is an elite two-day fitness competition based in Nice, France that attracts many of the fittest athletes in Europe.

Wodify Arena’s three athletes are part of the Competitor’s Program at CrossFit Alvalade in Lisbon, Portugal. We recently spoke with Artur to find out a little more about his training, The Alpha Games and Wodify Arena.

[This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.]

Wodify: What is the Competitor’s Program?

Artur Sayal: The Competitor’s Program consists of about 19 training sessions per week and is designed for athletes interested in fitness competitions. The sessions are a combination of mobility and accessory work, endurance and general physical fitness, and it becomes like a second job for those who are 100 percent committed to the program.

Right now, we have about 40 athletes who come in from all parts of Portugal. Bruno Militão, head coach of CrossFit Alvalade, and I are the mentors of the program and have been running it for over two years.

W: Why did you sign up for The Alpha Games?

AS: The Alpha Games received a lot of great feedback from the community here in Portugal last year. So as athletes addicted to competitions, Rodrigo, Francisco and I decided to try and qualify for 2017.

For me, this will be my third time competing outside of Portugal. Francisco competed for the first time outside of the country last week, and The Alpha Games will be Rodrigo’s competitive debut outside Portugal.

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W: How do you think you guys are going to do?  

AS: I qualified in 10th place in the Men’s Scaled division, so my expectations are to try for a top five finish, even though I know it’s going to be hard. Francisco and Rodrigo qualified in fifth place in the Team division, so even though there are some big wolves out there, I think they can do well in Nice. I’ll be there as their coach, but I’ll try not to put too much pressure on them.

W: Are you excited about the sponsorship with Wodify Arena?

AS: To enter a big competition like this, you normally have to pay for everything — sign-up fees, flights, hotel, food, etc. And at the end of the weekend, even if you do make it to the podium, you can still lose money. So all the help we can get is precious and we are grateful to Wodify Arena for coming to us with a sponsorship offer.

It’s always great to hear that someone wants to help you go for your dream of competing in one of the best competitions in Europe. Thank you for all your enthusiasm. Even though we will be competing against pro athletes with more experience, we’re going to do our best.

W: Do you host competitions at CrossFit Alvalade?

AS: We host at least two competitions a year. The Team Battle is an internal competition just for our members. The Men’s Health Invitational is a competition I created that takes place in February before the CrossFit Open and all boxes in Portugal are invited to participate.

W: What are your thoughts about Wodify Arena?

AS: We’ve used Wodify Core since we opened our second box in Lisbon, CrossFit Alvalade Oriente, in 2015, so I think putting the creativity of the Wodify brand behind competition software is a fantastic idea.

I have been on all sides of fitness competitions: athlete, coach, spectator, judge and director. There are always problems with results and waiting times, so software definitely belongs in competitions. I’m proud to be part of this big step with Wodify Arena, and I’m sure that after this competition, athletes will be asking for more.

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