The #800gChallenge® comes to Wodify Rise

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EC Synkowski runs OptimizeMe Nutrition, a company offering B2B/B2C educational products, mobile app-based challenges, and corporate wellness programs. She holds an MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine and is a Certified Level 4 CrossFit coach.

I’ve worked in the fitness and nutrition industries for years and have seen hundreds of well-meaning members find short-term success with complicated diet plans and gimmicks, only to quickly fall back into old habits because the results were too difficult to sustain. I created the #800gChallenge® as a way of flipping the script on healthy eating and am proud to have it included as a pre-built nutrition challenge within Wodify Rise software.

Build exciting digital challenges with Wodify Rise.
Nutrition, weight loss, wellness.

The #800gChallenge has been proven successful by thousands of healthier athletes in over 150 gyms around the world. Instead of restrictive rules, the #800gChallenge focuses on inclusivity and accommodation as a means to better nutrition, which leads to healthier members and stronger gym communities! Now, with Wodify Rise the proven methodology of the #800gChallenge becomes even more engaging with a mobile app for the participants to track their score, a real-time leaderboard, and even an interactive food journal!

What’s the secret?

The #800gChallenge is exactly what it says it is: Participants eat 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and/or vegetables per day as a way to increase their nutrition and consume their daily recommended servings. The beauty of the challenge is its simplicity: Even within the multitude of diet factions around the world, 99% of us can agree that eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing, and as it turns out, most people aren’t eating enough of them!

Here’s the other thing: Members have complete control and NO foods are eliminated! They pick the fruits and veggies that count towards their 800 grams and can eat whatever else they want: proteins, carbs, desserts, snacks...whatever! Nothing is off limits. Participants in the #800gChallenge routinely report increased energy, better performance, improved recovery, weight loss, and more!

Why should my gym organize a nutrition challenge?

Nutrition challenges create a win-win-win scenario because they provide three main benefits:

  1. They deliver an essential service to gym members
  2. They build community
  3. They grow revenue

Foremost, members who achieve the most success work out regularly and commit to sound nutrition habits. Modern diets, busy lives, and holidays are some of the reasons why gym owners need to routinely re-engage their members about nutrition. Challenges are a great way to do this at the affiliate level.

Challenges build community. Just as group fitness provides that extra push, taking part in nutrition challenges gives members the same accountability and motivation needed to make dietary changes. I routinely hear about how much bonding and education results from challenges. Being able to view the Leaderboard, and upload and comment on photos directly in the Wodify Rise app makes it an even stronger tool to build relationships in your community.

Additional services, like nutrition, also mean more revenue. Even at a conservative fee of $25 per person for a challenge, a gym with 50 participants will generate over $1000. They’ll recoup their product costs and can compensate employees for additional work.

The Pre-Built #800gChallenge® for Wodify Rise

Buying a pre-built challenge is all about offering a great service for gym members without having to start from scratch. From promotion and registration to education and scoring, it takes at least 10-20 hours a week to run a challenge smoothly. Reduce this time by more than 80% with the #800gChallenge® for Wodify Rise. Wodify Rise lifestyle challenge software and the Wodify Rise mobile app allow gyms to create a variety of challenges that engage members beyond the gym to drive better results.

The #800gChallenge product materials include:

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up Wodify Rise and running the challenge
  • Promotional flyers (2)
  • Sign-up blog post
  • Template emails (2)
  • Social media posts (10)
  • Staff & member meeting notes
  • Regular educational content to distribute throughout the challenge
  • Real-time scoring and leaderboards
"Running #800gChallenge with Wodify Rise was so easy and my members loved it!"Amanda Harquail, KNH Powerhouse

Two Tips for running a successful challenge:

With as much content and support as we can provide, ultimately, a gym’s success requires two things:

  1. Execution. All instructions are provided by OptimizeMe Nutrition, but the gym’s challenge organizer needs to execute them. Members can tell when something is organized versus haphazard. The organizer has to pay attention to small details and execute the event well from start to finish.

  2. Engagement. If there isn’t top-down support from the owner and coaches, the challenge will not gain interest. In other words, the owner and coaches should actively participate in the challenge and be excited about it. If coaches urge members to sign up without doing so themselves, the mixed messaging will show in the lack of sales. It’s all about leading from the front.

How do I get the #800gChallenge for my gym?

Easy! Purchase everything you need to run the #800gChallenge here.

Want to learn more about the #800gChallenge and see it in action? Watch this guest webinar featuring EC Synkowski.


The Wodify Rise mobile app is available to download for free at the Apple App and Google Play stores.
For questions about the #800gChallenge, or examples of other successful Wodify Rise challenges, email

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