Top 5 things you need to know about training kids with Zach Even-Esh

“Zach Even-Esh was put on this earth to make people strong” —  That’s a quote by Zach Even-Esh’s friend and colleague, and it couldn’t be more true.

Zach has always been dedicated to helping young athletes achieve their strength and fitness goals. He started out as a high school wrestler himself and experienced many injuries during his training. He decided that he wanted to help train young wrestlers and help them avoid the injuries that he sustained. What began as training one to two high school students on the side soon became a full-fledged business with hundreds of athletes benefiting from his training — both in person and online.

Zach now offers many training programs and certification courses, is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym, and wrote his first book, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning, this year. His core focus is helping his students grow — both into athletes and adults. He works with them at such a special age in their lives and there’s no denying that when he takes on an athlete, he truly cares about that athlete’s athletic progress and overall journey.

We thought that anyone who works with kids or teens or is thinking of doing so would benefit from some of Zach’s tips on how to work with these young athletes. Click play to see his top five things you need to know about training kids.

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