Top CrossFit News for the Month of August, 2018

The 2018 CrossFit Games are over, but that doesn’t mean CrossFit industry news stops. A lot of really amazing things happened in the world of fitness and CrossFit during August, and here at Wodify we look at the most notable of them this month:

Defending Champs Win 2018 CrossFit Games

The 2018 CrossFit Games are over, and once again the sport’s top athletes finished atop their respective divisions. Mat Fraser won his third-straight “Fittest on Earth” title on the men’s side, while Tia-Clair Toomey repeated as “Fittest on Earth” among women.

Big Changes Coming for 2019 CrossFit Games

Greg Glassman has big changes in store for the 2019 CrossFit Games, all with designs toward making the sport more global. This means starting the season earlier and perhaps eliminating Regionals. The changes are foundational, but hopefully they will help the sport thrive even more than it already does.

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CrossFit Games Will Recognize Transgender Athletes

Starting in 2019, transgender CrossFit athletes will be allowed to participate in the CrossFit Games in the gender with which they identify, a significant change from the previous rule that would have them compete among the gender they were assigned at birth. It’s a change that has already been widely championed for its inclusivity.

Ten Fat-Burning CrossFit WODs

If you’re looking for some CrossFit WODs that work specifically on burning fat, rather than, say, improving cardio performance or building muscle, these ten workouts all are excellent options.

CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home

While nothing can completely replace the atmosphere and camaraderie that comes at the gym, sometimes your schedule only allows for a workout at home. Here are a few great options that will still get you moving in your own house.

How CrossFit Can Make You a Faster Runner

All too often we look at CrossFit as a way of burning fat and building muscle, but this article from Runner’s World looks at how CrossFit can actually help build speed and improve running performance.

How CrossFit Helps with Addiction Recovery

The road to sobriety can be long and arduous, and one of the most important tenets of recovery is creating structure. This article outlines how CrossFit, like other methods of fitness, works as a coping mechanism for recovering addicts to provide the necessary structure that can help them succeed.

A CrossFit Coach’s Tips for Pushing Through the Toughest Workouts

Every CrossFit athlete knows the feeling of wanting to quit in the middle of a tough workout. This article explains the methods CrossFit coach Colleen Fotsch uses to encourage her athletes to push through even the toughest WODs.

Eight Must-Have CrossFit Accessories

Beyond kettlebells, barbells, and plates, CrossFit athletes always like picking up the latest gear and accessories to help them survive their workouts. This ESPN article counts down eight of the ones they love the most.

Why Kids Need CrossFit

Childhood obesity has more than tripled since 1970. This stunning fact is a big reason why the CrossFit movement could prove just as helpful to America’s youths as it does to its adult population.

Thanks for reading this post! Stay tuned to our blog for more CrossFit news!

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