Welcome Shashant Jasani, Wodify’s new Head of Product!

Welcome Shashant Jasani, Wodify’s new Head of Product!

Shashant Jasani brings over 15 years of experience in conceptualizing and building digital solutions within many industries across the United States. As Senior Director of Digital Product Management at Hilton, Shashant and his team revolutionized the experience of staying at a hotel - by way of Hilton’s Connected Room Initiative. Most recently, Shashant served as Head of Product for the NFL, helping to improve the digital fan experience. 

He expanded his knowledge and experience as a Philly native living in Los Angeles, and now has returned to the East Coast to be a part of Wodify. Check out what he’s learned along the way and plans to bring to the team:


1. What inspired you to get into the design & tech world?

A: For me, I have always been fascinated with technology, from what it can do and also how it can be used to make our lives better. I started to explore technology at a very young age with a singular focus on answering two curious questions: How does it work? Why is it designed as such?

2. You’ve seen technology develop over the past 15 years, or so. What’s been the biggest shift that has changed how you approach designing products & experiences?

A: There have been so many enhancements in the world of technology. The driving force behind such growth and development has generally been to uncover new capabilities. While there is always something more to discover, we are now in a position to leverage contained pieces of mature and functional technology to build things faster, easier and more efficiently.  Since the barriers to building products have been lowered, so have the barriers to designing products. Over the last decade, the bank of established design patterns and standards has grown immensely. Rather than having to invent new interactions and strive for adoption, we can now leverage a universal language of proven human-interaction guidelines.  Additionally, with the wealth of tools at our disposal, we are seeing a rapid rate of manual workflows become automated and digitized. This also grows the set of expectations we have as a society when we interact with digital products.

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3. How do you think technology can help people live a healthier lifestyle?

A: The one thing that is abundantly apparent is the breadth and depth of data we have access to. In an instant, we can monitor our heart rates and be alerted to any anomalies. Our health is no longer something we are only aware of once a year, but practically daily. With so much access and decryption of our unique health profiles, there is a better understanding of one’s self and what diet and exercise strategies to adopt. In addition to uncovering actionable data, technology has helped broker connections and exchanges for people to achieve their lifestyle goals. We are no longer limited by where we live or our personal networks. We can tap into world-class information and coaching without actually leaving our homes. Technology has nearly eliminated all the friction to be able to live a healthier lifestyle.

4. What are your passions outside of your career?

A: For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to learn new things, specifically learning about the different cultures of the world. Whenever an opportunity to travel arises, I find it hard to pass up. Over the last 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience many different ways of life including enjoying new and exciting flavors, as well as partaking in foreign languages and customs. These experiences have helped me broaden my horizons, my beliefs and values and my understanding of human nature. My curiosity and passion for travel have directly benefited my career in product and design by allowing me to add so many new and interesting inspirations and perspectives to my repertoire.

5. What gets you most excited about the future of Wodify?

Wodify is a purpose-driven, product-led organization, keenly focused on helping businesses realize their potential and achieve success. My initial time with Wodify has left me in awe of it’s amazing culture and set of values that are consistently shared and embodied across the company. Throughout my experience, that is the key characteristic that sets apart companies that are great from companies that are just ok. The opportunity to solve problems for small businesses, in a collaborative-manner, with so many talented, accomplished and connected team members, truly excites me.

Want to work with Shashant and the rest of the Wodify team? Check out jobs.wodify.com to see our current openings!

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