What Affiliate Owners Need to Know about the 2020 CrossFit Open

Don’t let the 2020 CrossFit Open sneak up on you! The unofficial kick-off of the CrossFit season begins on October 10th, 2019, just a few weeks from now. This marks a dramatic shift in the timing of the annual event, formerly held in February. Because of the many changes this year, we’ve collected some relevant information to help box owners get ready for this popular 5-week competition.  

Registration is now live at games.crossfit.com, where athletes can log in to view their standing amongst hundreds of thousands of others on the CrossFit Open Leaderboard, build custom affiliate Leaderboards, and add hashtags.

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The 2020 CrossFit season will have a few rule changes and adjustments to the drug testing policy, as outlined in this Morning Chalk Up article. Perhaps the most interesting official rule change is that during each week of the Open, video submissions will be required from the top 40 male and female athletes, regardless of where they complete their workout. This will speed up the process of verifying scores by providing proof of their remarkable accomplishments.

WODprep published an article earlier this year that does a good job of explaining the rationale behind starting the 2020 CrossFit Open in October rather than February. In short, it has to do with the sports’ growing international popularity, and the decision to end Regionals in favor of Sanctional events. 

The timeline of the CrossFit season is now clearer, as the majority of Sanctional events will occur after the completion of the 2020 CrossFit Open. With their Open scores verified earlier in the season, athletes will now have an easier time planning their strategy, not to mention their travel arrangements, for Sanctional events in an effort to qualify for the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Affiliate owners and their athletes should make sure they’ve checked off all the requirements necessary to participate in the 2020 Open. This checklist from CrossFit HQ is a great place to start. Just know that this article was published last year, so start dates and rules have changed, as detailed above.

Oh, and in case you missed it, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro dropped one of his famous CrossFit Open “clues” on Instagram, as detailed in this Fitness Volt article. Your guess is as good as mine.

Best of luck to all participants this CrossFit season!

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