What you need to know about our NEW Quickbooks Desktop integration

What you need to know about our NEW Quickbooks Desktop integration

You didn’t open a gym to crunch numbers all day, so what are you doing with your nose in a spreadsheet? Start using Wodify Payments’ new integration with Quickbooks Desktop to view your gym’s expenses, revenue and financial health in seconds.


A hassle-free way to manage your finances

Quickbooks Desktop is flexible, easy-to-use accounting software that lets you manage key financials, payouts and more. It tracks revenue from membership purchases all the way to your bank account, which means you can see where your money is going, send invoices and get your books in order — without spending hours in your back office.

Quickbooks even lets you reconcile bank statements electronically so that each transaction mirrors your bank account. You can also monitor chargebacks, refunds, taxes accrued and credit card fees from one place, giving you more time to focus on the things you love.  

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Ready to get started? Here’s how to set up Wodify Payments’ new Quickbooks integration:

Wodify Payments customers can go to Financial > Settings > Integrations in Wodify Core to start using Quickbooks. And if you’re not a Wodify Payments customer, reach out to our support team for information on getting started.

Once you’re onboard with Wodify Payments, complete these steps to set up Quickbooks Desktop:

  1. Map your chart of accounts. We recommend doing this at least once to view your accounts exactly how you want to see them in Quickbooks.
  2. Export an IIF file from Wodify on a weekly or monthly basis. This will show you the date of the payout, along with their total membership sales, merchandise sales, sales tax, processing fees and cost of goods sold based on your mapped chart of account.
  3. Import your IIF file in to Quickbooks Desktop. You’ll see your payouts as either “deposits” if the net payout was positive or “journal entries” if the net payout was negative. Once you import your IIF file, start using Quickbooks to manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Accounting doesn’t have to suck.

Our Quickbooks integration is  available exclusively for Desktop. But stay tuned, because integrations for Quickbooks Online and Xero are coming soon. We’ll keep you in the loop as they get closer to launching.

In the meantime, Get Wodify Payments’ new Quickbooks integration today and find out how easy managing your finances can be!

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