Why switching your gym software doesn’t have to suck

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re unhappy with your current gym management system. I’ve spoken with hundreds of gym owners and administrators and the stories are all the same: Their current software doesn’t have the features they want, it wasn’t built with CrossFit gyms in mind, and they’re tired of members complaining to them about it. But even though they’ve heard great things about Wodify Core, they’re afraid to switch because they think it’ll be a disruption to their business.

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It’s totally understandable to feel hesitant about switching. So let me address some common concerns:

The transition process is too complicated.

That’s why we’re here! Throughout the transition process, you’ll have a dedicated Wodify Onboarding Specialist providing personalized instructions and assisting you every step of the way. They’ll answer all of your questions and keep you on track. What could be better - someone to explain everything, and do some of the heavy lifting for you!

Once you’re up-and-running, our support won’t stop there - we have a customer success  team ready to help make sure that things are always running smoothly.

It’s going to take too long.

Whenever I’m talking on the phone with a gym owner, I try to assure them that we will work together to get them up and running as quickly as possible, often in just a few days. If there’s a delay, nine times out of ten, it’s the old software system that’s holding up the process (which is why you can feel good about leaving them!)

Our onboarding team has helped manage transitions from pretty much every other software out there, so we know all the tricks to make it a quick & seamless process.

I’m worried I’m going to miss payments during the transition process and/or my members will get double-billed.

You won’t. They won’t. We understand that your gym is your livelihood and that proper billing is crucial. Those problems might occur with other software systems, but our multi-stage on-boarding process keeps everything organized.

During the final training call, we’ll help double-check all of your settings to ensure your members won’t be double-billed.  You’ll also have the chance to discuss the rest of your transition in depth so that your members won’t notice any difference.

We get it. Change is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let us put your fears to rest. Get rid of software that’s not optimized for your business and get started with the one that was built specifically for your gym.

Book a demo to learn more about Wodify Core and find out why switching softwares doesn’t have to suck.

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