Wodify Insights - Retail. A deeper look into your inventory

What was your best selling item at the gym? Are you almost out of energy drinks? Who bought your newest T-shirt? With Wodify’s latest feature release, all those answers are just a few clicks away.

Better data leads to better decisions

This past summer, Wodify rolled out Insights, our improved reporting tool powered by Looker. Our first two Insights dashboards, Classes and Members, were designed to give owners and administrators a stronger handle on what’s going on inside their gym. Today, we’re once again expanding the way we help gym owners get the most out of their data.

Box management made simple.
The all-in-one affiliate software.

Announcing the release of our newest Wodify Insights dashboard: Retail.

Our Retail dashboard makes it easier to keep tabs on your inventory and your customers. Use it to find out:

  • Who’s buying what? Who’s not buying anything?
  • What’s your gross retail revenue?
  • How does your retail revenue compare to last month, or last year?
  • Which of your  items are most popular?
  • Which ones need to go?
  • Easier to find, fewer filters to see info, identify exactly what you’re looking for, who bought it

Generating reports on retail sales is easier than ever. You can quickly identify exactly what you’re looking for, helping you to make more informed decisions going forward.

We’re not done yet

Later this year, Wodify will be releasing more Insights to help your business run smoother and we’ll keep you updated as soon as they’re available.

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