Wodify x FIGHTTIPS: A New Type of Programming for All Fitness Facilities

Wodify x FIGHTTIPS: A New Type of Programming for All Fitness Facilities

Shane Fazen and his team at  FIGHTTIPS are utilizing the Workout Marketplace to offer the highest quality workouts for our new category of fitness, Martial Arts, which integrates directly into Wodify Core.

Any fitness facility can benefit from the Workout Marketplace partnership with FIGHTTIPS as these drills and curriculum teach not only combative drills, but discipline, character development and integrity.

No experience with Martial Arts? The hybrid kickboxing program by FIGHTTIPS offers comprehensive coaching notes and detailed skills videos which will allow your coaches to understand the stimulus behind the drills and programming to encourage a complete beginner as they get started in the field themselves.

“Traditional martial arts dojos and cross-training gyms alike can incorporate these tried-and-true combative drills into their curriculum to increase class variety, organization, and student retention.”

Incorporating a new type of programming allows your fitness facility to see what else is out there - encouraging a wider net of potential clients to utilize their facilities, and allowing for diversification of your revenue streams.

Having FIGHTTIPS create the programming for you allows for an easy attempt at a new revenue stream without all the high-level overhead you would normally need to incorporate for new program availability at your facility.

“I grew up training and competing out of local fight gyms and have taught classes at a cardio kickboxing franchise, so I’ve seen every style of teaching from the old-school to the streamlined. When I design my curriculum, I combine the best of both worlds for accessible, legitimate training for all experience levels and student goals.”

- Shane Fazen, Co-Founder, FIGHTTIPS

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How to Get Started with Equipment:

Pure beginners? Run your drills as Shadowboxing:

  • Per FIGHTTIPS Co-Founder, Shane Fazen: “Poetry in motion. From the technical details to the experimental flows, shadowboxing takes your training to the next level without any equipment; all you need is a place to stand.”

Feeling good about where you are? Run partner drills, the minimum amount of equipment needed for this will be:

  • Hand Wraps
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards

FIGHTTIPS does have retail items available if you’d like to purchase both their programming and their gear.

Want to go all in once the level of interest has peaked? FIGHTTIPS recommends:

  • Heavy Bags
  • Thai Pads
  • Kick Shields

This hybrid kickboxing programming is just the tip of the iceberg for FIGHTTIPS.

“We have plans to release a comprehensive MMA course, complete with wrestling and grappling drills, situational exercises (i.e. wall work, fighting off of the cage, and style-vs-style isolated sparring), and conceptual videos for developing your own fight strategies.”

Current Wodify users can get 2 months of free FIGHTTIPS programming by signing up here.

Not using Wodify to run your gym yet? Get started and we’ll give you access to 2 months of Wodify Perform and FIGHTTIPS Programming for free. Talk to our team today.

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