Wodify x FIGHTTIPS: First in the Field for Groundbreaking Martial Arts Programming

Wodify x FIGHTTIPS: First in the Field for Groundbreaking Martial Arts Programming

We are proud to announce that FIGHTTIPS, a leader in the world of Martial Arts, has joined the Workout Marketplace on Wodify. This brings a groundbreaking hybrid kickboxing program, integrated directly into Wodify Core, allowing martial arts business owners to focus on coaching clients, instead of attempting to invent new combinations of the same moves day in and day out. 

Over the past two years, we have delivered curated, customizable fitness programming and session plans directly through Wodify, with no data entry required for Functional Fitness gyms, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Now that Wodify has made the leap into Martial Arts - we wanted to partner with Shane Fazen and his team at FIGHTTIPS to ensure that the Workout Marketplace offered the highest quality workouts for our new category of fitness.

“Any top-level fighter will tell you that one can never be too good at the basics; This program emphasizes fundamentals, while offering the freedom to incorporate your own personal style.” 

- Shane Fazen, Co-Founder, FIGHTTIPS

Fazen has combined the best of both worlds for accessible, legitimate training for all levels of experience and any student goals. The Wodify x FIGHTTIPS Programming will be ever-evolving to keep students’ focused and allow the coach to offer something unique each day.

Starting his FIGHTTIPS business in 2003, Fazen created an MMA Messaging board with videos, after becoming obsessed with his father’s Bruce Lee books, but wasn’t able to find martial arts tutorials on the internet. 

Then in 2007, FIGHTTIPS switched to the then, newly created YouTube.  Fazen’s FIGHTTIPS channel has gained close to three million subscribers and harbors plenty of information that comes from Fazen’s incredible wealth of knowledge. His channel has also single-handedly  created a massive community of those who are passionate about both Martial Arts and people who have continued to grow through Fazen’s teachings.

“We call our community the Underdogs, because we know that each of us has a story to tell and challenges to overcome on our way to greatness.” 

As a Partner in the Wodify Workout Marketplace, Fazen has created programming which is complimented by his YouTube style beginnings. He not only is offering top notch hybrid kickboxing programming, but is also offering videos to help coaches train more efficiently and also for students to hone their skills.

“Since this kickboxing program is designed for all levels, our ideal audience ranges from fitness enthusiasts to MMA fighters working on their stand-up game.” 

Each week of programming will focus on a fight concept or strategy (i.e. Long-Ranged Attacks & Linear/Lateral Footwork for Fighting on the Outside). 

Within that week, each daily class is broken down into solo and partner drills, which will progressively build upon these skills at a rate comfortable for everyone (i.e. establishing the range using the front kick, then faking it to cover distance and manipulate our opponent’s guard to land clean follow-up strikes).


Current Wodify users can get 2 months of free FIGHTTIPS programming by signing up here.

Not using Wodify to run your gym yet? Get started and we’ll give you access to 2 months of Wodify Perform and FIGHTTIPS Programming for free. Talk to our team today.

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