10 Features to look for in competition management software

If you’re searching for a way to host competitions and athletic events in a simplified, professional and stress-free way, event management software is the answer. Never before has it been so easy to create and organize competitions from start to finish. But what are the elements of the best event management software solutions? Here are 10 of the top features to look for:

1. Comprehensive competition planning

An event management software system should allow you to plan competitions from start to finish like a true champion. A comprehensive planning capacity will ensure that each and every showdown is unforgettable.

2. User-friendly event creation

Event management software shouldn’t be difficult to use. Look for a user-friendly interface that allows for simplified, step-by-step event planning for a range of sports and event types to fit your needs. The best solutions will guide you through the process so that it’s simple, streamlined, hassle-free and successful.

3. A variety of helpful tools

The software should also include an array of competition-specific tools to meet your needs. This will allow each event to be tailored to your specific sport, events and participants. Your house, your rules – don’t settle!

4. Detailed scheduling capability

Favor event management software that allows you to take full control of how all workouts are scheduled, scored and published. You should be able to add and manage floaters, fine-tune events and tailor the software to every variable you need for a customized experience.

5. Live, real-time scoring

As events are judged and the results roll in, neither competitors nor spectators should have to wait to find out what’s happened. Insist on super-fast scoring and reporting ability to keep the enthusiasm and intensity of each competition at a fever pitch.

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6. Easy updating

Your event management software shouldn’t ever leave anyone in suspense. Lane assignments, heats and event details should all be updatable from the interface in seconds. Wodify brings a patent pending technology to their event planning software called Smart Start™ to ensure a truly customized and accurate event board.

7. Digital waivers

Collecting waivers from athletes, spectators or other participants shouldn’t be left to chance. Manual paper collection is tedious and the documents could be forgotten or lost. With automated waiver collection there’s less confusion leading up to the event and more protection for everyone involved.

8. Integrated ticketing and payment processing

If you will be charging admission for your athletic events, look for included registration capacity, ticketing assistance and payment processing solutions included with your event management software.

9. Assistance with promotion

Insist on event management software that includes help with promoting and marketing your event so that you can get the word out and create buzz. With the new Wodify Arena event management software solution, you’ll even get a unique, configurable, shareable URL included to help you promote your event.

10. Minimal cost for athletic event planners

Your event management software should also be affordable. The new Wodify Arena event management software solution is FREE OF CHARGE for event planners to use for organizing any competition or event if the event is free. If you’ll be charging for the event, the cost to use the software is passed along to ticket buyers through event fees so the organizer never has to pay.

Host and manage your own athletic events and competitions with Wodify Arena

Hosting CrossFit competitions or other athletic events has never been easier with event management software, and Wodify Arena has all of these 10 features and more. Wodify is already known for bringing top gym management software to fitness centers and CrossFit box owners. Now Wodify Arena is taking the guesswork out of athletic event planning so that every competition can be a smashing success.

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