10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Fitness Business Owners

10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Fitness Business Owners

10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Fitness Business Owners

If you have a running list of podcasts that you want to listen to, that list is about to get a lot longer, 10 more to be exact. We have compiled a list of podcasts that are more than just fitness. There are tidbits about mindset, technology, and some life lessons. We separated these podcasts into two sections: Functional Fitness/CrossFit and Martial Arts. Take a look and be sure to subscribe to your favorites!

Functional Fitness/CrossFit Podcasts

1. Effort Over Everything with Jason Khalipa

“Hosted by Jason Khalipa, the Effort Over Everything Podcast gets real about the fitness industry. Along with his guests, Jason will break down the good, bad, and the ugly in true Effort Over Everything fashion. Topics will cover all aspects of Effort including: fitness, business, coaching, training, competing, the AMRAP Mentality, mindset, and everything in between. If it goes down in the gym, it's fair game. Regular guests include world class athletes, some of the best coaches in the world, fitness entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and more! Effort Over Everything is available on all major podcast platforms. Let's Go!”

Fun Fact: our very own Founder and CEO of Wodify, Ameet Shah, was featured in the episode titled: “WTF! Wodify, Technology, and Fitness with Ameet Shah and Jason Khalipa”. You can listen here on Apple or Spotify!

2. Two-Brain Radio with Chris Cooper

“Broke gym owner Chris Cooper turned a struggling business into an asset—then built a multi-million-dollar mentoring company with hundreds of clients all over the world. Chris has dedicated his life to helping other entrepreneurs find wealth, and he uses Two-Brain Radio to present the best of the business world and the fitness industry. Thursdays' shows are dedicated to business, best practices, self-improvement, profitability and actionable advice. Mondays are all about marketing and success stories from Two-Brain clients.”

More Fun Facts: Our founder and CEO of Wodify Ameet Shah was featured on this podcast as well, on an episode titled: “Ameet Shah of Wodify on the Entrepreneurial Journey”. Listen here on Apple or Spotify!

3. Move Fast Lift Heavy with Christian Harris

“Move Fast Lift Heavy started as a call to action in the gymnasium. "Always be prepared to Move Fast Lift Heavy". Our Brand was born in struggle, grown with love, built to last and delivered in lifestyle. MFLH spreads style in its rebel business approach and rooted in classic values. We make things to last, never to be consumed and thrown to the sideline. Pulling inspiration from our love in Music, Art, Travel, and most importantly Sport, we deliver goods that blur the lines as we pay tribute to the cultures we were born from. We are designed for life.”

You can listen to Christian Harris and special guests every week on Apple or Spotify! They also have some pretty cool gear as well. 

4. Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron & Patrick Cummings

“Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to living a life of fulfillment and health. In each episode, we dive deep into an element of the Five Factors of Health and unpack the actions, strategies, principles, and practices that make us stronger, fitter, and more resilient.”

With almost 2,000 ratings and .02 away from a 5-star rating, we highly recommend you take a listen on either
Apple or Spotify. Ben Bergeron also wrote a book titled: Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building The World’s Fittest Athletes.

5. Fitt Insider with Joe Vennare

“Fitt Insider is the show where we talk with the entrepreneurs, executives, and investors who are redefining the business of fitness and wellness.”

Fitt Insider releases both a newsletter and podcast every Tuesday for the fitness business gurus! Take a listen on Spotify or Apple!

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Martial Arts Podcasts

1. BJJ Brick Podcast: BJJ, No-gi, and Good Times with Byron Jabara

“We will be bringing you a weekly podcast about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and having “good times” while we do it. We hope to flatten your Jiu-Jitsu learning curve, help you get the most out of your grappling ability, and meet your goals both on and off the mat. We have interviews with some of the top BJJ competitors, articles about BJJ, and some of our favorite quotes.”

The ratings for this one are off the charts so be sure to listen on either Apple!

2. The Martial Arts Mania Podcast

“This is a podcast devoted to anything and everything martial arts, but specifically Kung Fu movies and the American martial arts flicks we grew up watching and loving. Hosted by super fans A.J. Richardi and Gavin Kelley, this show will be a combination of interviews, critiques, and audio commentaries for movies that are easily accessible and streamable for listeners. Logo courtesy of The Union Designs.”

If you are a movie buff and can’t get enough of Martial Arts on and off the mat, take a listen on Apple or Spotify

3. Internal Fighting Arts with Ken Gullette

“Gain deeper insights into the world of internal Chinese gongfu as Sifu Ken Gullette talks with prominent instructors about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, and the philosophy that guides these amazing martial arts. This is a real-world conversation without the mystical mumbo jumbo -- a No Woo-Woo Zone. You will walk away with deeper knowledge and new inspiration after listening to this fun and insightful conversation.”

If you are looking for a podcast that gets straight to technique with fun along the way, take a listen on Apple or Spotify!

4. Personal Development Through Martial Arts with Bogdan Rosu

“The podcast where the world’s highest Personal Development experts and Martial Arts masters come together to empower and inspire you to become your strongest self and live the lift that you truly want. Join host Bogdan Rosu, author, public speaker and founder of the first Personal Development through Martial Arts School in the world in the podcast where you become the HERO!”

This podcast is for the people looking for personal development on and off the mats! Take a listen on Spotify!

5. Black Belt Podcast with Sifu Harinder Singh

“What’s Up Martial Artists! Welcome to The Black Belt Podcast a Martial Arts Lifestyle Show hosted by highly acclaimed multi style martial artist Sifu Harinder Singh in partnership with Black Belt Magazine. “We are going to bridge the gap between sport, tradition, and reality. Join me as I sit down with world class practitioners to discuss their lifestyles to teach you about their mindset, training, and fighting methods so that we can grow from their wisdom.”

Listen closely for our Wodify ad! You can listen on Spotify or Apple!

If we missed one of your favorite podcasts, be sure to drop us a comment on social media @Wodify! 

If you loved listening to Ameet Shah on Effort Over Everything or Two Brain Radio, be sure to leave a review!

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