10 Tips for Running Outdoor Workout Classes

10 Tips for Running Outdoor Workout Classes

10 Tips for Running Outdoor Workout Classes

If your region is still in shutdown mode when it comes to gyms and fitness centers, outdoor workouts can be a safe and effective way to engage with your members!. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips on how to make your outdoor classes run smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Set up the equipment for each client ahead of time and 6-feet apart. 

As clients arrive, show them your sanitizing technique to add a level of comfort. Make sure each client has their own equipment and no one is sharing. Lead by example when it comes to cleanliness.

  1. Use a software tool to require your clients to sign up prior to class (Shameless plug: Wodify Core is a perfect tool for this!). This allows you to prepare your workouts, space, and equipment ahead of time. 

Pro tip: Wodify allows you to set a limit on your class size based on available equipment!

  1. Be cognizant of everyone’s different level of comfortability. 

For some, coming to an outdoor class is a big step in regards to safely engaging in recreational activities. Use this time to improve your visual and verbal coaching cues over tactical ones! Replace your high-fives and hugs with fist bumps or foot taps.

  1. Bring items to give the same “inside the gym” feel. 

For example, have a portable bluetooth speaker to bump the jams, a big whiteboard to write the warm-up and workout on, and a secret stash of bottled water ready if someone wasn’t prepared for the heat.

  1. Utilize easily portable equipment. 

Most of your clients have been repping out bodyweight movements in their garage solo. Instead of breaking out the barbells right away, start with kettlebells, dumbbells, mini bands, jump ropes, etc. They’ll be happy to get their hands on any kind of weight and it’ll be easier on you to start. Check out RX Smart Gear for high quality, adjustable jump ropes!

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  1. Remind your clients ahead of time about what to bring. 

Especially if you’re running classes in the direct sun, suggest a large water bottle of ice water, a mat for the ground, a towel for sweat, a hat to shade from the sun, etc.

  1. Take advantage of the large outside area that you have! 

Don’t force your athletes to stay in one place if you have the space. Add in some sprints or running. Spice up the warm up with skipping and pirouettes. Whatever floats your boat and gets your people smiling! 

  1. If possible, find a shady spot for extra hot days. 

Your athletes will thank you mid-way through class.

  1. Be prepared to hang around. 

Most people have missed socializing and the simple act of being around others. Carve out time after class to chat and catch up with everyone. Consider playing ice breaker games during the cool-down or warm-up to add a social element - here are 143 questions to get you started, from our friends at Warmup & Workout!

  1. Turn your outdoor workouts into a marketing opportunity 

Outdoor workouts are a great chance to attract the attention of potential new members! Bring business/promo cards to hand out to curious onlookers and encourage everyone doing the workout to post on social! 

Do you have any other tips to add? Are you running outdoor workouts for your gym right now? Tag us on social @wodify and let us know! 

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