10 ways to monetize your CrossFit gym (other than group classes)

For many CrossFit affiliates, the main revenue source is group fitness, but what about those hours when the floor is empty? You’re still paying rent, insurance, and utilities, so why not fill those vacant time-slots with revenue-generating events? Here are ten ideas to make the most of your gym in the off-hours.

Easy event planning.
Handle registration, tickets and payments with Wodify Live.

Movement Workshops

Hosting one-time instructional workshops on difficult CrossFit movements is a great way to add value to your gym and help your members, especially new ones, gain confidence. Whether it’s handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, rope climbs, or any other challenging and complex movement, these workshops cater to a wide range of athletes. You can use Wodify Live event-planning software to manage registrations, sell tickets, and organize one of these workshops on a weekend day to bring in additional revenue for your box!.

Fitness Challenges

Many gyms offer bootcamps or Endurance classes as recurring programs along with CrossFit. However, organizing a limited-run fitness challenge with a bootcamp feel in the evenings can be a great recruiting tool and an introduction for new members hesitant about making a long-term commitment. Wodify Rise will help you get set up in minutes, and your participants can manage their progress with the integrated mobile app.

High School/College Supplemental Training

That 3:30-4:30 pm slot is too early for most professionals to attend, but not students. Strength and cardio training for school sports teams is another way to fill up an empty gym with paying customers. Contact local schools who may be interested and use Wodify Core to build out a recurring program and membership, with just a few clicks.

CPR Training

Single-day courses like CPR training are what Wodify Live was built for. Registration, tickets, waivers, and payments are all taken care of, and you can build an event quickly and inexpensively. Take a weekend afternoon and fill your gym with members and non-members alike. They’ll learn a valuable skill, you’ll earn some positive goodwill from the community, and you might even gain some new members in the process.


Want to find out who’s the best in your box, best in your neighborhood, or best in your city? Organize a weekend competition with Wodify Arena to hand out prizes, high-fives, and bragging rights. Arena makes it easy, so you can spend less time worrying about logistics and more time enjoying the day.

Happy Hours

Time in the gym doesn’t have to be all work, no play. Host a post-Wod “No Shower Happy Hour” so your members can let their hair down and talk...about CrossFit most likely. Wodify Live will help you keep track of attendance and let people know who’s bringing what. And you can use it for FREE!

Birthday Parties

Do your members’ kids love running around the gym, swinging from the ropes, or hanging from the rig? Chances are, their friends do too! Why not spend a weekend afternoon making some extra cash with a fun birthday party that will tire out the kids and have their parents thanking you. Wodify Live can handle the details, including digital waivers, so your gym is protected.

Personal Training

A classic solution to bringing extra revenue into your gym during non-CrossFit hours, made even easier with Wodify Core and our integrated Appointment scheduling software. Keep your coaches’ and clients’ schedules organized and bill and collect payments on time.


Mobility goes hand-in-hand with CrossFit, so why not offer supplemental yoga classes to fill out your schedule? With Wodify Core you can create any type of program and class offering that fits with your gym’s regular schedule.

CrossFit certifications

Organizing a CrossFit certification class over an entire weekend is a big deal, with certain requirements mandated by CrossFit HQ. However, it can be rewarding and a great promotional tool for your gym. With so many new faces visiting your gym, let Wodify Live handle the details so you can concentrate on being a great host.  

There are many opportunities available for you to take advantage of the space in your gym during off-hours. Let Wodify’s products help you earn extra revenue quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

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