12 Features To Look For When Selecting Gym Management Software

Whether you currently own a gym or are considering opening one, choosing the right gym management software is key. The solution should be user-friendly and streamlined to facilitate smoother business functioning and better results for your members.

The following are some of the top features to consider when assessing gym management software:

1. A Streamlined Dashboard

Look for a dashboard this is naturally user-friendly and facilitates a fast learning curve for your employees.

2. Automated Billing

Automated billing allows you to stay on top of what you’re owed, get paid more efficiently and improve customer service. Your gym software should also enforce key fee structures such as no-show penalties, late fees and costs for cancellations.

3. Digital Contracts and Waivers

An important component of gym management software is the ability to create contracts and waivers digitally. Paper documents are a thing of the past; digital documents help your gym to streamline signups and legal considerations.

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4. Easy Online Membership Sales and Engagement

Your gym management software should link seamlessly with your website and online presence. An online sales portal allows interested parties to sign up anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You should also be able to create online offers such as discounted classes or trial memberships to spark interest. It should be easy for athletes to talk about your gym and share their performance progress via social media.

5. Email and Text Management

The software should include a dynamic and effective email and texting solution to keep in touch with athletes and market to them in optimal ways. It should be easy to acknowledge member birthdays, milestones and anniversaries as well as facilitate customer referrals.

6. Real-Time Reporting

Stay in close touch with your business with real-time reporting of usage statistics and financial measures. Daily reports and metrics allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your enterprise and ensure its financial health.

7. Attendance Tracking

Attendance can ebb and flow throughout the week and at different times of year. Certain classes may surge in popularity with fitness trends, then become less popular.year. Certain classes may surge in popularity with fitness trends, then become less popular.

Attendance tracking can help you stay on top of the numbers and trends so that you can schedule classes and events accordingly. You’ll be able to manage staffing more effectively, ensure athlete engagement and retain more members.staffing more effectively, ensure athlete engagement and retain more members.

8. Automated Reservations and Scheduling

The software should also enable athletes and members to sign up for classes, programs, and personal training online. This will allow your gym to more effectively manage class sizes and cover staff requirements.

9. An Admin App

Today’s gym management software should ideally include a linked app that can be installed on any mobile device. This allows you to take the software features anywhere and stay connected with your business on the go.

10. Intuitive Lead Management

Your software should assist you in managing all interested parties at every phase of the sales funnel. Whether they are just mildly interested, have signed up for a trial membership or ready to sign on long-term, select a software solution that helps you keep track of all leads.

11. Payroll and Merchandise Sales

The software should help to simplify payroll and tracking of staff. It should also offer an e-commerce solution for any products you sell.

12. Athlete Profile Management and Performance Tracking

Performance tracking allows your members to stay in touch with their goals and chart progress over time. Athletes can have immediate and continual access to their progress, from assessing past performance to anticipating future results.

Athlete profile management allows you as the gym owner to oversee your clientele and better serve them. You’ll be able to manage athlete information from the software dashboard through concise profiles.

Wodify — A Gym Management Software Solution

Optimal functionality in gym management software is key to running your gym and its required operations successfully. It should offer a comprehensive solution for gym owners as well as the athletes and coaches who interact with it.

Wodify offers all of these important features and more. It’s on the cutting edge of gym management software, improving the entire experience for gym owners, staff and athletes alike. Contact Wodify for more information about a streamlined, dynamic gym management software solution for your fitness business.

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