3 Tips To Increase Your Martial Arts Retail Revenue

3 Tips To Increase Your Martial Arts Retail Revenue

3 Tips To Increase Your Martial Arts Retail Revenue

We know the bread & butter of your Martial Arts business revenue is your client base, however, have you ever wondered in what other ways you could increase your revenue? Selling merchandise is a super simple way to give a boost to your business. We know you have enough on your plate as a Martial Arts studio owner between educating, managing, and connecting with your students (and parents), so we put together 3 easy tips to help you increase your retail revenue at your Martial Arts business. 

1. Brand Day-to-Day Necessities

It’s important to remember that each one of your members has a personal lifestyle outside of your Martial Arts gym. Therefore, your retail should be a mix of Martial Arts essentials and day-to-day essentials. Try branding coffee mugs, water bottles, duffel bags, t-shirts, winter hats, or even keychains. Your members are most likely on a tight schedule running in and out of your Martial Arts space, so oftentimes if they are forgetting something it’s likely they buy that item from you. They will then go out into the world carrying this water bottle or wearing this hat around that has your branding on it, think of it as a walking billboard for your company. This is a great way to create more buzz around your business and increase your revenue simultaneously.

2. Use Online Resources To Sell Your Martial Arts Retail

Selling retail online is another crucial aspect of increasing your revenue because in the present day people want to be proactive about their purchases instead of waiting to buy things in store. Nervous parents will feel better about knowing their kid is going to show up to class with the right gear, as opposed to showing up empty-handed. You can do this by using Wodify’s Shopify Integration which makes it easy for you to track all of your eCommerce sales in one place, and associate the retail purchase to the correct client. 

Additionally, 321Go Project powers WodifySites and when you download this month’s campaign you get free Black Friday Marketing templates to help streamline and enhance your Holiday shopping campaigns for Martial Arts retail. Since most people are online at some point every day, using online resources increases your brand awareness and, in turn, encourages more people to purchase your retail online.

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Learn more about Wodify’s Shopify integration here!

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3. Market On Social Media

Last but not least, use a social media presence to market your Martial Arts retail. It is easy to get started if you are not using any platforms yet. Odds are, if you post a really talented fighter from your Martial Arts facility drinking out of a branded water bottle, wearing a branded hat, or using a branded sweat towel, more people are going to want to buy it. There is a reason Instagram influencers are called “influencers” and it’s because people are influenced to buy products based on how they are shown on social media. Since your members are proud to be a part of your Martial Arts community, they are more likely to buy something if you market it on your social media page as available and sold through your business.

These are just a few simple strategies to implement if you are ready to start increasing your Martial Arts retail revenue. ‍If you implement a new approach or have more ideas make sure to tag us, @Wodify, so we can help spread the word!

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