4 Simple Tips to Start Your Martial Arts YouTube Channel

4 Simple Tips to Start Your Martial Arts YouTube Channel

There are a ton of YouTube channels and it can sometimes be overwhelming on where to start. Not everyone will become a Shane Fazen, FIGHTTIPS, YouTube Channel Star overnight. We compiled four super simple tips to start off with.

Tip #1

Research. There are plenty of people before you that started a YouTube channel. Head to the main page and start typing in the search bar. See what worked and what will fit your lifestyle. Are you a great teacher? Maybe demo videos are the way to go for you. Do you prefer showing off your skills while someone else narrates? Grab a buddy. Don’t try to pigeon hole yourself into a style that ultimately won’t work for you.

Tip #2

Pick a name. You can easily go down a rabbit hole on YouTube itself, or you can find a generator online, like this one. It will also check the availability of the name as well. Even if you don’t find a name right away, it will spark creativity and get some ideas going. Remember, you don’t have to decide in one day what your name will be. It is also important to add the name and location of the studio you train at. This information goes well in the description of your YouTube Channel.

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Tip #3

Create content. Don’t release a channel without any videos. Shoot some different pieces of content that would be useful. Make sure to utilize the keywords that you can enter on YouTube so raise your chances of coming up on a Google search. We suggest 3-5 videos so you can spotlight them as you market your channel. After you have those loaded in, don’t forget to continuously add creative and current content to your page. Push your viewers to like and subscribe your page after each video!

Tip #4

Blast it out. The fun part starts here. Recruit your friends, family, and co-workers to spread the word. Instagram reels are becoming more popular, but you can even utilize the uber popular platform, TikTok. Blast your content or YouTube channel information anywhere you can. Email, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and be sure to add your link to your social media bios. The more eyes that see, the better!

Remember to have fun with your new venture and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take a peek at other channels and see what gets engagement and see what doesn’t. Social media is the world of trial and error.

Once you launch make sure to tag us, @Wodify, so we can help spread the word!

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