4 Tips to Build a Fitness Social Presence

4 Tips to Build a Fitness Social Presence

4 Tips to Build a Fitness Social Presence

There are a million and one different social media accounts across different platforms and it can be intimidating! Building your audience and account can take time and practice, but to get a jump-start, we’ve put together 4 easy steps to get you started in the right direction.

Pick Your Voice

Your “voice” on social media sets the tone for your entire account. Are you informative and breaking down form and technique? Are you comical and posting memes and reels? Maybe a mix of both, but the most important one to land on is authenticity. If you try to post informational videos but aren’t fully confident in how to get technique explanations across in a video, you will most likely putter out early on. If you show your face and talk into the camera, but are not completely comfortable doing so, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep the content coming. Finding your voice and sticking to one on social media may be difficult and can take some time to decide, but make sure you are 100% comfortable with whatever you land on. Even through the phone, people can sniff out inauthenticity.


Once you land on your social media voice, you want to make sure you consistently post to increase your reach on the channels you’ve decided to post on. Algorithms can be a tricky game to play, so the more you can post, the more chances you have of “going viral” and getting more eyes on your content. Don’t feel like you have to stick with only videos or just static posts, mix it up!

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Mix it Up

Your voice and amount of posting are something you want to be consistent with, but in regard to the type of content you're pumping out, try new ways! You’ll never know what type of content will reach the masses unless you try. Mix and match between videos, static posts, carousels, or even “remixed” posts where you collab with an already viral video. Try to use viral sounds over the top of videos and utilize popular hashtags. Even if hashtags don’t necessarily make sense with the type of content you post, you already know those hashtags are getting searched, so throw them on your post!  The more variety, the more different types of people you will engage with - both people looking for technique tips and some laughs!

Be patient

Building an audience and following will take time. Sure, there are influencers and accounts that go viral quickly, but that is the exception, not the rule. Follow the three tips above and give yourself a realistic timeline that you can hold onto. For example, post for at least a year and not get discouraged throughout the process, and see where it takes you.

To summarize, land on an authentic voice for your content, be consistent with posting, try new avenues, and be patient. Just like your muscles, growth on social media takes time and patience!

Have more tips and tricks on growing your fitness presence on social media? Post it up and tag us @wodify! 

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