4 Tips to Kick Your Gym’s New Year Off Right

The countdown to midnight is over and resolutionists all over the world are taking steps to get healthy and fit in 2017. If your eyes are not lighting up yet, they should be! The new year brings with it an opportunity to capitalize on these bright-eyed resolutionists, grow your membership, and MAKE MORE MONEY! Here are a few tips for starting the year off right.

1. Nail down your elevator pitch:  When looking to join a gym in the new year athletes are shopping ALL of their options. They may be evaluating boutique gyms, large globo gyms, or even at home training programs and will inevitably shop on price. Given all of the competition, it is important that you have a tight elevator pitch so when an athlete emails, calls, or drops in you lead with value and convey what sets your gym apart from the rest. It could be your programming, the community, the facility, the price, or even the Wodify app you give them ;).  Whatever your value proposition is, let your prospective athletes know right away. If you can’t be at the gym all the time make sure everyone on your team is well versed on your pitch.

2. On-ramp: Are you ready for the influx of new athletes in your classes? CrossFit can be intimidating to new athletes so it’s important to consider doubling up your coaching staff during classes to give new athletes the extra attention they need, increasing your on-ramp offerings or even motivating existing athletes to help and encourage new athletes coming through.

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3. Get your name out there: Use digital marketing to target and promote your gym to your ideal audience. Target your marketing to channels where athletes spend most of their time. You can promote your gym offers and promotions straight to their phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc. You can easily use Wodify’s SMS Keyword feature on your ad campaigns to create and run a “text to” campaigns for free or paid trials.  After texting your unique keyword, prospects will automatically receive a message from your gym and you can instantly have a 2-way conversation to encourage a visit.

4. Never stop selling - You’ve jumped over the first big obstacle of getting an athlete to come in for a free trial but you can’t stop there. Studies show that touching base with a new athlete before and after a free trial class increases their chances of signing up for a membership on the spot.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the close. For example: “What did you think of your first class, did you want me to get you started with our unlimited membership plan?” When following up after a trial always create a sense of urgency. For example, “We are offering a free month if you commit to a 3 month membership TODAY.” And finally don’t forget to keep in constant contact with your trials even if they don’t convert immediately. Try leveraging Wodify’s automated email templates. Send follow up emails 1, 4, 7, and 14 days after their trial with helpful tips, personalized information to help them meet their fitness goals, and gym offers and events.

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