5 Ways to Safely Run Fitness Classes Indoors

Many regions have started to allow in-person CrossFit, Bootcamp, Functional Fitness, and other small group fitness classes to take place indoors. If you’re ready to re-open but looking for some tips on how to do it safely, we’ve got you covered! Check out how some other gym owners are opening their doors to run in-person classes safely & successfully. 

1. Tape off sections in your gym to allow your members a safe space while also staying 6-feet away from other members.

We have Koach Fitness, out of Puerto Rico, who showcased their socially distant gym on the ‘gram. Each spot is clearly taped off and even has equipment for each member ready and waiting to go!

2. Check your members’ temperatures at the door!

Just like you ask your members to check their egos at the door, now it’s time to check those temps. CrossFit Oakland Park, out of Florida, has their coaches use a handheld thermometer, like this one, to test temperatures of their athletes at the door.

Pro Tip: Remind your athletes not to sit in a hot car while they wait for the doors to open. This can raise temperatures for a short while. Blast that AC!

3. Require all athletes pre-register for classes!

You can use Wodify Core to open classes up a certain amount of time ahead of class to allow athletes to reserve and sign in.

Pro Tip: You can also add an attendance limit to each class. You can base this off of the amount of equipment you have available (to ensure athletes are not sharing) or the size of your gym. Already a Wodify user, but not sure how to do this? Click here to book a one-on-one session with a Wodify product expert.

4. Put extra sanitizing procedures in place.

It’s no longer enough to wash your hands before and after a workout. It’s time to step it up like CrossFit G Steel in France has. They not only taped off areas for each athlete, but within those areas is cleaning equipment for individual use. We suggest your athletes wipe...wipe...wipe it down...wipe (Tik Tok Style) before AND after every workout.

Pro Tip: Leave your staff some extra time between classes to wipe down communal areas such as sinks, bathrooms, door handles, floors, etc.

5. Wear a mask!

A lot of trainers tend to use tactical cues for coaching and sometimes distance just isn’t possible. In times like these, throw on a mask. Our friends at Dogtown Strength even made masks to show their gym pride! Even if you do not require it at your gym, it’s a good idea that your coaches have one handy in case of an emergency where they have to get close to an athlete! Better safe than sorry!

Is your gym doing something here that you would like to share?! Tag us on social @wodify and let us know so we can spread the word! Knowledge is power!

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