6 Tips to Onboard a New Coach at Your Fitness Business

6 Tips to Onboard a New Coach at Your Fitness Business

6 Tips to Onboard a New Coach at Your Fitness Business

You’ve finally found the perfect trainer or coach that you want to add to your team of employees. Now what? You have created an amazing community of trainers and members. and it is important to make sure that your new hire is understanding of the fact that there are procedures and standards in place. We’ve taken the overwhelming task of onboarding a new trainer, and broke it down into six important steps to make sure you have all bases covered.

1. Set Expectations of the Space

During the interview process, it is a good idea to show your potential employee the space that they will be working in. Once you’ve determined they are a good fit for the team, the next step would be to take them through the space a second time, but also lay out the expectations. Do the clients clean up after themselves? Do trainers need to wipe down the equipment between each class/client? Are there cups, water jugs, etc., that need to be refilled throughout the day? If it helps, bring a list around with you so you don’t forget any important tasks.

2. Review the Employee Manual

The best way to set up a new employee for success, is to be extremely clear on what is expected of them in your place of business. Set some time aside to sit down with the new hire, review the Standard Operating Procedures. You don’t have to read every line, but point out the important pieces of information and always leave time for questions at the end of the meeting. Reassure them that once they read through it on their own, they are welcome to highlight any follow up questions they find important. Don’t have any Standard Operating Procedures in place? Check out Week 2 of NCFit’s Build Better Series about Standard Operating Procedures.

3. Set up a Schedule to Shadow

After expectations are set, now it’s time for them to come into the space when classes/appointments are rocking, and have them get a feel. An empty facility is completely different from a packed one that is full of energy. Introduce them to both the trainers in the building, at that time, but also the members. Remember: you want to build a family community and that starts with you, the business owner.

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4. Announce New Staff Member

You picked this new employee for a reason, now is the time to show her or him off! Announce the new trainer via social media, email, or text messaging system. Pro Tip: Wodify Core gives you the ability to send mass emails and text messages to your entire client base. One click, and everyone knows the new trainer on board.

5. Walk Through of Systems/Procedures

If you have an all-in-one gym management software, like Wodify, it is important for the employee to understand the system entirely before beginning. Are your trainers responsible for signing clients in? Using the Point of Sale system to sell merchandise? How do they sign in so you can accurately run payroll? Make sure no stone is left unturned. Pro Tip #2: Wodify can help you do all of those processes.

6. Follow Up/Review

Don’t forget one of the most important parts of onboarding a new coach or trainer: Follow Up. After they have been in the thick of it for a couple of weeks, or so, pull them out and have a chat. Do they feel they are as good of a fit as you anticipated? Are they enjoying their time? Do they have any questions that have popped up along the way? Open communication is the best way to have a good relationship both personally and professionally.

Looking for an all-in-one gym management software system that can help your business run smoothly while giving you more time to find qualified trainers? Set up a demo today to learn about all the ways Wodify can help save you time and money.

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