7 CrossFit WODs to do outside

It feels as though everyone in America has been waiting for the onset of spring for longer than usual this year, which certainly has put a damper on outside exercise. With winter precipitation falling on most of the country well into April and lower-than-normal temperatures across the country throughout the first quarter of 2018, everybody is ready for a little sunshine and fresh air. CrossFit athletes are especially eager to start doing some of their WODs outside.

Using your Wodify app, you can track workouts done away from your usual box, especially as the weather gets nicer, and “The Girls” CrossFit WODs are perfect for this since they don’t require any equipment other than a pull-up bar or branch, both of which are available at trails and parks in pretty much every major town in America.

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The following are some bodyweight CrossFit WODs that are great for the outdoors this spring:

#1 Annie

This WOD starts with 50 reps of double-unders and sit-ups, and then moves to 40 reps, then 30, 20, and eventually ten. The workout is timed, so in marking your results with the Wodify Core app, you can push yourself to improve every time you complete the workout. If you need to scale this workout, you can switch out the double-unders for singles.

#2 Angie

Angie is a grueling CrossFit WOD and one of our favorites to complete outdoors. You’ll be good and sore once you get through this series of 100 pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and squats — each. And best of all, you can complete everything outside!

#3 Barbara

Begin with 20 pull-ups, then move to 30 pushups, then 40 sit-ups, then 50 squats, and end with a three-minute rest. After the rest, do everything again. Repeat the workout as many times as you want.

#4 Chelsea

The idea for this one is to do five pull-ups, ten pushups, and 15 squats every minute on the minute for 30 minutes.

#5 Cindy

This is a 20-minute AMRAP workout featuring the same five pull-ups, ten pushups, and 15 squats as the Chelsea, just approached a bit differently.

#6 Mary

If you want to try another 20-minute AMRAP, consider completing the Mary WOD. At the end, you will have completed five handstand pushups, ten one-legged squats, and 15 pull-ups as many times as possible in 20 minutes.

#7 Nicole

If you want to get out and feel the wind in your hair, consider this WOD. It starts with a 400-meter run and ends with max rep pull-ups. Also an AMRAP, this one is intended to be repeated over a 20-minute period, but make sure you note how many pull-ups you complete in each round. You want to see improvement over time, so good record-keeping will be important when you’re done.

With the weather improving, now is an excellent time to get outside and do some of your daily workouts alongside Mother Nature. Some fresh air can be great workout inspiration. Use that to your advantage and get a solid workout in while the sun is shining.

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