8 Tips for Retaining Members During Travel Season

8 Tips for Retaining Members During Travel Season

8 Tips for Retaining Members During Travel Season

The summer sun is shining, and the allure of vacation is upon us. For fitness business owners, this can mean a temporary dip in membership attendance as members embark on their well-deserved getaways. But fear not, there are strategies you can implement to vacation-proof your gym and keep your members engaged even when they're away. In this blog, we'll explore eight practical tips to retain your gym members during the travel season, ensuring that your fitness community remains strong and motivated.

1. Virtual Workouts: Bring your Gym to Them

Offering virtual workout options can be a game-changer when it comes to retaining members who are traveling. With the platforms like Wodify, you can provide workouts with videos, notes, and more that members can participate in from wherever they are. This keeps them engaged with your gym's community and maintains their fitness routine even on the go.

Pro-tip: Leverage Wodify's Media Library to seamlessly upload instructional videos showcasing the precise form for the components featured in your workouts. This valuable content integrates directly into your workout routines and remains conveniently accessible to clients via their app, whenever they need it.

2. Personalized Travel Workouts

Create personalized workout plans for members who are traveling. These plans should be tailored to the equipment they can access during their trip, whether it's a hotel gym, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises. By providing customized workout routines, you show commitment to their fitness goals, even when they're away.

3. Social Media Engagement

Use your gym's social media platforms to create a sense of belonging for your traveling members. Encourage them to share their workout pictures or videos using a specific hashtag. This not only keeps them motivated but also promotes your gym's community to a broader audience.

Pro-tip: Boost your gym's marketing game with Wodify's Social Sharing feature! Your clients can showcase their workout achievements on their social media, giving your business a powerful organic reach. 

4. Fitness Challenges with Prizes

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially when there are prizes involved. Organize a fitness challenge that spans the travel season. Participants can track their progress remotely and compete for rewards like free months of membership or branded merchandise. This fosters friendly competition and helps maintain engagement.

5. Stay Connected Through Apps

Utilize fitness apps to stay connected with your members during their travels. Apps like Wodify, for instance, allow members to log their workouts, track their progress, and even compete with other members on a social leaderboard regardless of their physical location. This keeps the gym experience alive even when they're not physically present.

6. Maintain Communication

Send out regular newsletters or emails to keep your members informed about gym updates, success stories, and upcoming events. This consistent communication reminds them of the value your gym provides and encourages them to return after their travels.

Pro-tip: Use Wodify’s In-App Chat feature to craft group chats with your clients. By establishing these chats, you can effortlessly keep members engaged and well-informed, even when they're away from your facility.

7. Offer Flexible Memberships

During the travel season, consider offering flexible membership options. This could include a temporary freeze on memberships for those who are away or a reduced-rate travel membership for members who want access to the gym only during certain periods. Flexibility demonstrates your understanding of their needs and can lead to long-term loyalty.

8. Welcome-Back Promotions

As your members return from their vacations, entice them back with welcome-back promotions. Offer a discounted personal training session, a group class package, or even a wellness assessment. This not only reignites their enthusiasm but also demonstrates your commitment to their fitness journey.

Vacation season doesn't have to mean a slump in gym attendance. By implementing these strategies and leveraging the power of Wodify's features, you can keep your members engaged, motivated, and active even when they're far from home. Remember, a little innovation and the right tools can go a long way in vacation-proofing your gym and ensuring lasting member loyalty. So, here's to a successful travel season where your members continue to prioritize their fitness goals, wherever they may roam.

Ready to revolutionize your business and enhance the experience for your members even while they’re traveling? Schedule a Wodify demo today and unlock the full potential of your fitness business. 

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