9 features to look for in fitness challenge apps

9 features to look for in fitness challenge software

9 features to look for in fitness challenge apps

Health challenges are great for boosting your gym’s profit, building community and helping members reach their goals. However, a lot of effort goes into planning a successful challenge, which is why we recommend using software with the following nine features.

Some will help you manage logistics like marketing and registration, while others are designed to drive engagement and competition.The key is to look for easy-to-use, time-saving fitness challenge apps allowing you to host an event members can’t wait to sign up for.

1. A fitness challenge website

You should be able to promote your challenge online. So look for a challenge app that lets you publish a web page with a unique, configurable URL that includes your challenge details — like its name, start date and frequently asked questions — so people can easily sign up for it.

2. Flexible challenge templates

Whether you’re hosting a health, fitness or nutrition challenge, you’ll want an app with customizable templates that let you build it in minutes. This allows you to set goals and establish a point system for holding participants accountable.

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3. Integrated marketing tools

Along with the ability to build a webpage, look for software with promo codes, hashtags and emails designed to help you market your health challenge. That way, you can build social buzz and get members excited to sign up.

4. Automated ticket and waiver collection 

Collecting and organizing registrations, waivers and payments from participants can be a huge hassle. But with the right fitness challenge software, you can streamline these processes, save time and focus on more important tasks.

5. A complete participant app

One of the hardest parts about hosting a challenge is motivating participants. That’s why we recommend using challenge software that includes a mobile app specifically for members to engage with each other and measure their progress.

By making it easy to track meals, workout results and even changes in body composition, a gym challenge app lets members see real, tangible results. This keeps members on track wherever they go, which leads to lower attrition and higher engagement.

6. An interactive leaderboard

Fitness challenges are a great strategy for building community in a fun, healthy way — especially when participants can follow along on a leaderboard. Showing participants where they stand also makes your challenge more competitive, which can prevent them from dropping off before the end of the challenge.  

7. An engaging activity feed

A fitness challenge app that includes an activity feed allows participants to connect, share feedback and encourage each other along the way. This brings your community together and allows participants to engage with the challenge anytime, anywhere.   

8. An intuitive food journal

If you’re hosting a nutrition challenge, your members need to be able to easily track their food intake throughout the day. That’s why we recommend choosing software that comes with a food journal that reinforces healthy eating habits.

9. Assorted progress measurements

Depending on the challenge, participants should have the option to track body measurements, changes in weight or fat percentage. Look for challenge software that offers these options so participants can successfully reach these goals.

Start planning your next health challenge today!

Hosting a challenge can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, apps like Wodify Rise can streamline the entire process, keep participants engaged and help you host your best challenge yet.

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