9 Tips to Crush Your Retail PRs

9 Tips to Crush Your Retail PRs

9 Tips to Crush Your Retail PRs

Our first two blogs in the Wodify x O2 Retail Results Series covered the details around Why Retail and How to Retail.  

For this final blog, we’re taking a bit of a different approach - we reached out to our top gyms and the O2 sales team to get their best pieces of advice for crushing retail sales. We’ve broken them down into the Top 9 Tips to Crush Your Retail PR’s:  

1. Introduce new members to the retail area

Introduce every single new member to your retail area and give them a free gift from your retail store. That first workout is memorable and tough. Have your coach grab them an O2 after that first official workout in your facility, take a minute to walk them to the retail area, and show them how to buy. This will get them hooked from day 1.

2. Pass out FREE sample products

When signing up with a vendor don’t be shy about asking for samples - passing out free products after a tough workout is an awesome way to launch a new retail item in your gym.  

3. Show off the fridge

Make sure the fridge and retail area is at the front of the gym or in a very easily seen area. People often think of drinks and snacks when their body is fatigued and needs refueling. This should be a focal point, and not hidden or tucked away as it will draw people to the retail area. Ensure the fridge is a clear-glass front, clean and easily accessible.

4. Place retail at eye level

No one is going to think hats on the top of the shelf behind the front desk are for sale…they will think it is the decor. Ensure your retail is always between waist and eye level to signal to your members that it is for sale.  

5. Get your coaches to endorse your retail

Instructors are like influencers at your fitness facility. People want to listen to what they have to say, want to wear what they are wearing, and want to drink what they are drinking.  Get your coaches familiar with your retail items and have them make announcements before & after class! 9/10 people won't know what you offer unless you tell them.

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6. Remind members at every turn

Seems simple but TALK about it EVERYWHERE. Make a weekly post about O2 on your social media. It doesn't need to be a direct call out but post pics of members drinking it after a workout, your coach having one near them while leading the warm-up or just a simple pic of the fridge reminding members that you sell it and why it's good for them. 

7. Run retail discount SALES 

Do you sell a protein bar? Make a Recovery combo for the month of August. By an O2 and protein bar for $5 instead of $3 each. 

8. Do random giveaways

Randomly give everyone in a class a free one (but I'll lose money!) Not if you convert 2--3 of those members into fans who purchase at least once a week. Always play the long game. 

9. Run a raffle

Every person who buys an O2 gets entered to win a free t-shirt or personal training session. This is a great way to sell more retail AND create more revenue through personal training sessions. 

Final thoughts from Wodify x O2

Done right, retail is good for your fitness facility, your members, and your instructors. Like any good workout, you’ll get back what you put into it, so don’t skimp on the effort.  

Now, who’s thirsty?  

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