A tale of two apps — Wodify Core + Zapier

Emailing gym members, updating contacts and following up with prospects can be a huge time suck. But with Wodify Core’s new Zapier integration, you can automate tasks and keep busywork to a minimum.

Zapier lets you zip through to-do lists faster than ever —  zero muss, zero fuss. Here’s how it works.


Take productivity to infinity and beyond

Zapier connects Wodify Core’s gym management software to nearly 800 apps — like Callingly, Hatchbuck and Infusionsoft software. This allows you to manage your favorite apps from one place, build automations and get more stuff done faster.

Anyone can build a workflow with Zapier’s intuitive platform. It puts the power of automation in your hands — no coding experience necessary! Getting started is easy, and in terms of productivity, Zapier is a total gamechanger.

Wodify Core and Zapier — Making work work for you

Each automation is called a “Zap.” This connects Wodify Core to other web tools and makes automation possible.

Every Zap has two parts:

  • Trigger — A Trigger is an event initiating a Zap. So after completing one task in Wodify Core, a Trigger will prompt an app you’re linked with to complete another task.
  • Action — An Action is the task the Zap performs and moves in the opposite direction of a Trigger.
Save 1 hour every day.
Automate your gym now with Wodify Core.

Our Zapier integration supports four Triggers and six Actions, each focused on lead and customer management. Here’s an overview of how they work:


With our Triggers and Actions, you can create hundreds of Zaps for managing emails, leads and communications with gym members.

For example, you could make a Zap that creates a Mailchimp subscriber after adding a lead in Wodify Core. This streamlines your marketing and makes staying in touch with leads simple. Check out the infographic below for an overview of how they work.

Think of how much time this could save in the long run! But along with Mailchimp, you could create create a zap that syncs tags between leads in Wodify Core and subscribers in your Infusionsoft CRM, allowing you to manage contacts from one location. That workflow looks like this:

These are only a few of the thousands of Zaps you can create with Zapier. The automations you can make are only limited to your imagination. But if you need some inspiration, check out our Zap templates. We have tons of ideas to help you get started. While you’re at it, we recommend reading The Zapbook for a complete list of apps Zapier supports.  

So what are you waiting for? Automated workflows are a Trigger, an Action and a Zap away. When you’re ready to create a Zap, watch our help video below. It will show you how to build an automation connecting Wodify Core to one of our favorite apps, Wunderlist.


Time to get zappin’

Our four Triggers and six Actions create a foundation for hundreds of Zaps. Each save time, increase productivity and streamline communications with leads and customers.

But that’s only the beginning. More Triggers and Actions are in development. We’ll give you more details before they launch.

In the meantime, we’re open to suggestions. If you have any zesty Zap ideas, our support team would love to hear from you. Give us a shout, or share your recommendations on the Wodify Core Ideas Forum.

Until then, check out our help article for more tips on how you can start using Zapier today!

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