All About Margaux Alvarez

All About Margaux Alvarez

All About Margaux Alvarez

You probably know Margaux Alvarez from her time and experience spent in the CrossFit world, but did you know she takes winemaking just as serious? We chatted with Margaux to find out more about the commitment to both of her passions.

Margaux made her CrossFit Games debut as a volunteer in 2011 and quickly became laser focused on making it onto the field. In 2012, she made it to regionals, but it was in 2013 when she broke into the Games circle. Her best finish was at Regionals in 2018 when she grabbed first place. In 2015, she took 9th as an individual and then 7th on Team Invictus X, in 2019. 

Her journey in the wine industry started back in 2012 with winemaking at home. She fell in love with the entire process from vine to bottle. You can purchase a bottle of your own right here. We’ll talk all about #WorkHardWineDown later.

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Check out why she’s not afraid of a little hard work on the mat and in the vines. 

Q: When did you start to get into the fitness industry and why?

A: I have always been active my entire life, but I decided to become a Personal Trainer in 2008. I wanted to help others with their health and fitness goals, and I believed fitness was my solace after my sister passed. Fitness enabled me to work through a lot of emotions and challenging times in my life. 30 years from now, as I am looking back, I want the chapters written to show I helped people find the tools needed to be active and healthy. 


Q: What made you branch out into the wine business?

A: I wanted to share my two passions in life, fitness, and wine. I feel this process mirrors a lot of things in life, from my training to business. There is a great deal of patience needed to make wine. You plant the vines, and a year later, begin harvesting only to let the wine settle in barrels for years. The process becomes more important than the reward, and this mirrors the process in training for the CF Games or starting a business. There are no instant gratifications. I wanted to share this with others, as I believe it relates to all aspects of life. 

When we work hard towards our dreams, it takes time, planning, and stubborn dedication. Whether you are building a business, going to school, establishing a career, starting a family, we spend so much more time working toward that goal that we have to find the time to appreciate the “now”. We will face hardships, and we should embrace the struggles as they shape who we are, but the successes come far and few between, so it was vital for me to start a company that helps celebrate the small wins each day. My goal in creating a wine company was to show you can work hard, find a balance in life, and wine down. 


Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to train in the CrossFit space, anything they should focus on first?

A: I would have them focus on the mental aspect and not placing huge expectations on themselves in trying something new. Focus on learning the movements, challenging yourself, and being proud of the effort you are putting in. Take it one day at a time and allow the challenges to structure a transformation over time. 


Q: What advice can you give to athletes who are interested and in the competition side of CrossFit?

A: Your environment is essential. To find success in this sport, you will have to understand nothing else can come before your training, nutrition, and mental preparation. Some successful athletes can juggle school or a career, but it is rare; therefore, those around you need to understand the selfishness required to compete. A positive and supportive group of people at home, gym, and a community that believes in you, are so valuable. Remember to train the mental aspect/mental game just as you train physically. 

  • Be accountable to your goal, make sure to, prepare and execute said goal. Review your work to see where you were successful or can make improvements. Be patient as it's a process, and remember to enjoy yourself and the journey because you will spend so much more time in the process.


Q: Do you have a fond or favorite memory from competing?

A: One of my favorite memories is from 2013. Stepping out onto the tennis floor stadium and getting ready to do “2007” (1,000m Row, Then, 5 Rounds of: 25 Pull-Ups & 7 Push Jerks (135/85). The energy from the crowd was electric. The lights and entire setting was so energizing. I was hesitant for this workout because of all the pullups and I had been practicing butterfly pullups a lot and working to be consistent with them in training but they weren't always there. It was that workout where I was able to do all the pullups as butterfly pullups and all the hard work had paid off. When I finished the workout, I was elated and being able to high-five the community and connect with all the incredible people cheering us all on was so memorable that it always brings a smile to my face. 


Q: Can you share with us what your favorite movement is?

A: My favorite movements include double unders and deadlifts.


Q: What was your favorite part about being on the Seminar Staff team? 

A: My favorite part was traveling and getting to connect with others in the community.  Getting the opportunity to meet others and hear about their story and how they made a change for the better, for themselves, and their family.

Be sure to follow us on social media for more of a look into Margaux’s life. We will be featuring her all month long!

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